Donald Trump Is Now Beating Hillary Clinton In Major National Poll

For months, reports and polls have shown that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will defeat GOP front-runner Donald Trump should they face each other in the general elections.

In a recent poll, Trump continues to lose favor among voters, especially the women sector. Interestingly, the billionaire is not doing great at getting the support of male voters, either.

However, Trump has long expressed his confidence that he would rally more people behind him en route to the general elections. And the latest poll pitting Trump against Clinton supports that optimism.

According to the poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, the potential Republican bet is surprisingly leading ahead of Clinton. While the lead is just two points, it goes against the narrative that Trump is no match for Hillary.

Trump gained 41 percent of the respondents while Clinton only got 39. Meanwhile, 15 percent of voters said that they prefer another candidate while the remaining 5 percent were undecided.

Based on reports, this is the first time that Trump has led Clinton in a one-on-one poll matchup since October.

Not known for holding his punches, Trump appeared to be smug following the results of the poll.

The recent results follow a trend in Rasmussen polls, where the race between Clinton and Trump is a lot closer than most polls across the nation. In RealClearPolitics’ average of polls, Clinton has a decent 47.4 to 40.1 percent advantage against her outspoken opponent.

Still in the latest Rasmussen survey, it revealed that Trump won more voters from the opposing party than Clinton. The business mogul got 15 percent of Democrat respondents while the former Secretary of State only got 8 percent from Republicans.

As for their party constituents, Clinton got a higher percentage of Democrats, 77 percent, as opposed to the 73 percent that Trump got from the GOP.

Regarding gender, Trump leads Clinton 48 to 35 percent among men, while Clinton is the unanimous choice for female respondents, giving her a 44 to 34 percent advantage.

The survey, which was conducted on April 27 and 28, questioned 1,000 likely voters. There is a margin of error of 3 percentage points, which means Trump and Clinton are statistically tied in the latest poll.

Donald Trumps recent five-state sweep, in which he trounced rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich by as many as 40 points, will no doubt give him momentum in his bid to win the Indiana primary on Tuesday

As a result, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has issued a warning against the poll results as he also attempts to sway more votes from Hoosier voters.

On Sunday, Cruz said in an interview that people are praying against Trump and do not want to give in “to evil.”

When he was asked on Monday to clarify his statement, Cruz simply said, “We are not a bitter, angry, petty, bigoted people. That is not America.”

He was obviously taking a shot at Trump’s discriminatory remarks against different groups and races in the United States.

Spokesman Ron Nehring also used biblical imagery to describe what would happen if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination and eventually the presidency. He said there would be a “wipeout of biblical proportions.”

While the Rasmussen poll was clearly a big boost for Trump’s campaign in Indiana, it was not all good news on Monday.

The Associated Industries of Florida, who supports the Republican Party, said that while about 42 percent of voters in the state see Clinton as unfavorable, she would still dominate any matchup between either Trump or Cruz in the general elections.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]