Kelly Ripa And Michael Strahan Can’t Stand Each Other — Temper Tantrums, Freeze Outs, And Other Behind-The-Scenes Drama

Michael Strahan’s sudden departure from Live! With Kelly and Michael has opened up a number of secrets about his relationship with co-host Kelly Ripa off camera. Although the two have shared great chemistry together on-screen, reports indicate that Ripa and Strahan cannot stand each other when the cameras stop rolling. What was going on behind-the-scenes?

According to Page Six, Strahan’s time on the show has been marked with successful ratings. Ever since Strahan joined forces with Ripa, the show has seen a 9 percent increase. However, a different story has emerged behind-the-scenes, where Strahan and Ripa were constantly at odds with each other.

Strahan’s on-set behavior reportedly got on Ripa’s nerves in more ways than one. Apparently, Strahan was late for screenings, interrupted filming in order to get his bi-weekly haircuts, and brought his friends with him on set.

Despite being likeable on camera, one source stated that “when he doesn’t need to be on, he shuts down and can be selfish.”

Michael Strahan will join 'Good Morning America' full-time this fall. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty]

Strahan’s behavior got so bad that producers “brought in an audience for one of the pre-taped segments so he would behave.” This reportedly happened during the show’s Halloween special last year.

That being said, the show’s executive producer, Michael Gelman, revealed that nothing was amiss between Strahan and Ripa. Instead, Gelman explained that they are both professionals who handled their responsibilities on set with equal enthusiasm.

As far as Ripa is concerned, she did manage to come out on top of the ordeal. While she was blindsided again by a co-host’s sudden departure, she inked a deal with ABC to the order of $20 million a year plus a contract extension into 2020.

Meanwhile, Radar Online is reporting that May 13 will be Strahan’s final day on the show. Unfortunately, producers have yet to find a replacement even though Ripa will be all alone in a little over a week. Will they be able to fill the spot in time?

“An ABC producer confirmed that Michael’s last day is May 13,” a source told the outlet. “And no one knows who’s going to replace him yet! They said they plan to cycle through hosts until they find the right one, but as of now, no one knows who they are either.”

With Strahan’s departure around the corner, the show is trying to sell as much Live! With Kelly and Michael merchandise as they can. While producers attempt to unload the merchandise on fans, an insider revealed that an argument broke out between Strahan and Kelly Ripa after she mentioned his divorce on air.

“After the segment he confronted her at break,” the source shared. “She laughed and said it was just fun, but he got more and more angry and after show he snapped at her backstage.”

While the drama continues to unfold between Strahan and Ripa, the two just received a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Entertainment Talk Show. However, according to Us Magazine, neither Strahan nor Ripa were present to accept the prestigious award.

Kelly Ripa thanked the fans when she returned to the show after her break following Strahan's sudden exit announcement. [Image via ABC]

Instead, Dr. Oz walked up to the podium and took the award on their behalf, saying, “I don’t think they’re here… will accept on their behalf. Kelly and Michael will share it!”

At this point, it is not clear who the network will hire to take Strahan’s spot as he gears up for his time on Good Morning America. Fortunately for the former co-hosts, their drama behind-the-scenes will finally reach an end after Strahan’s final day on set. Based on the drama, his last day couldn’t come sooner.

Fans can watch the last pairing of Strahan and Ripa when Live! With Kelly and Michael airs May 13 on ABC.

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[Image via Disney/ABC]