Jay Z Didn’t Attend Met Gala With Beyonce: ‘Becky’ Rachel Roy Banned From Annual Event?

Jay Z did not attend yesterday’s annual Met Gala spectacle in New York, leaving Beyonce and her sister Solange to attend the extravagant event on their own.

But insiders believe that there’s more to the story. One source reveals that the rapper reportedly didn’t want to take away Beyonce’s shine following the release of her latest album, Lemonade.

Jay Z attending the event would have pulled people’s attention from Beyonce and over to the countless divorce rumors that have circulated over the years and were addressed in Bey’s music.

“Jay Z opted to let Beyonce attend the Met Gala on her own. He wanted her to have a night that was solely dedicated to her, fashion and what the ball is all about. He felt like he could better support her by staying out of the limelight, and avoid any possible ‘Becky’ drama.”

In one particular song, Beyonce talks about Jay-Z allegedly hooking up with “Becky with the good hair” whenever the songstress is not around, lyrics many believed were comments indirectly aimed at fashion designer Rachel Roy, who coincidentally did not attend the Met Gala this year.

Roy is a fan of fashion, so missing the Met Gala seems rather strange considering that she is usually always there to showcase her own designs.

Social media users are convinced that Rachel Roy might have been banned from the event this year just so that there wouldn’t be any awkward run-ins with Beyonce and Solange, who infamously got into an altercation with Jay Z at the same event two years ago.

When the elevator incident took place, sources alleged that Jay had been talking to Rachel, and the twosome supposedly appeared rather flirty to one another. When Solange saw the duo getting all affectionate, she informed Beyonce and reportedly waited until they got inside the elevator before she really let off some steam.

Nobody was sure whether or not Rachel Roy was going to attend the event, nor was it ever confirmed whether she might have been banned from the Met Gala.

Another user on Twitter joked about the situation, saying that Jay Z might have been too scared to attend the event in fear that he would end up in a room with Rachel Roy, Solange, and Beyonce. And judging by Solange’s short temper, things could’ve turned ugly very quickly.

Beyonce’s decision to attend the Met Gala came as a surprise to her fans, for the fact that she’s currently headlining the Formation World Tour, which is making its North Carolina stop this evening.

Word of Jay Z’s reasoning behind his absence from the Met Gala comes just one day after reports alleged that the music mogul had been feuding with his wife over their living arrangements. The singer sees no reason to keep their $150,000-a-month Bel-Air home when she’ll be on tour for the summer.

Jay sees things differently, reports say, telling Beyonce that he sees the house as their permanent home. The couple is worth $750 million together, but Beyonce isn’t keen on the idea of wasting close to $500,000 just because they are wealthy enough to spend money recklessly.

Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade is available on iTunes.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris and Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]