‘The Originals’ Just Killed Off An Original Character, And Another May Follow

When it comes to characters on The Originals, nobody is safe. Fans were already getting ready for two more deaths by the time the Season 3 finale ended, and one of those came on Friday night. This time it was an original character.

The Originals took a hiatus last week, but the week before, Cami was bitten by Lucien. The trailer made it clear that her life was in danger, but Klaus would stop at nothing to save her. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible and the psychology-student-turned-vampire lost her life. She did have some honest words for Klaus beforehand, but he will certainly be out for revenge now.

Fans are worried that another original character will follow suit. Kol’s bloodlust took over and he bit and drained girlfriend Davina, and it looks like completely dry. While the character is in the trailer for next week’s episodes, there are still questions over whether she will survive this without coming back as a vampire — if she somehow had vampire blood in her system at the time of the death.

According to E! Online, Davina didn’t care about the consequences of bringing Kol back from the dead. She wasn’t likely expecting the ancestors to make him have a bloodlust while in New Orleans, but end up dying if he crossed out of the city. That didn’t stop her from working with Vincent to try to find a way to save him, although it seems that it may be too late for that.

International Business Times reports that Leah Pipes knew that her character was going to die. Executive producer Michael Narducci had already explained to her at the start of the season that her character was likely to die. If that did happen, he promised that she would have a good death.

The Originals fans believed that her death had come during the mid-season finale. She had been compelled by Aurora to kill herself, and Klaus woke up with her blood around him after they finally slept together. In the mid-season premiere, she came back as a vampire and it was time to focus on a different side to her character; a much darker one. Cami was just coming to terms with being a vampire when Lucien managed to get into her apartment and bite her.

Pipes admitted that dying on a TV show is sometimes better than being a spare part. It means she is not just there for the sake of appearances, with fans wanting her out because she has nothing to do or offer. She also admitted that her storyline and arc were really great, and she was glad to be a part of it.

The Season 3 finale synopsis has now been shared on the back of Cami’s death. Klaus will be accused of atrocities he has committed over the centuries and put on trial. The compound has been taken over by his enemies, and it will be what is left of his family to find a way to save him. Marcel is not likely one of those to help, as he feels betrayed by those he believed he could trust.

Season 3 continues this Friday and will run on the CW until May 20, 2016. Parent show The Vampire Diaries will finish Season 7 a week before.

There is another death on the cards. The Inquisitr has already reported that there would be three deaths by the time the Season 3 finale finished. Finn and Cami have been two of those deaths, so who will be the third? The Originals fans hope that Lucien will be the one to go, and by Klaus’ hand.

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