Off The Grid Housing Sensation, The Float Cabin [Video]

Off-the-grid living comes with a small price tag, courtesy of the latest secluded housing sensation – the float cabin. Fair Companies, one of the top alternative home guides, is highlighting the off-the-grid float cabin which was built for only $25,000. The 620-square-foot cube home consists of one story and is designed explicitly for an off-the-grid and sustainable existence. The float cabin even includes a floating garden so the owners can grow vegetables on-site even though they are now living in a water-based off-the-grid home.

When Margy and Wayne Lutz happened onto a permanent floating community while camping in British Colombia several years ago, the couple knew they had discovered a model for their dream home. The Lutz’s had a floating cabin built upon their retirement in 2001 and relocated near Los Angeles. The off-the-grid water lot costs the couple only $500 per year.

The Lutz off-the-grid floating cabin does not have plumbing or a water heater. The couple uses an old-fashioned hand pump to garner water from the lake for washing dishes and boils water in a wood stove occasionally as a “luxury,” according to The Blaze. Biodegradable soap is used in the off-the-grid floating cabin so only water is returned into the lake. All waste is composted, even the ashes from the wood stove. The float cabin toilet also biodegrades human waste so the material can be dumped into the nearby forest or the floating garden.

Solar, wind and thermoelectric power are used in the off-the-grid float cabin. An additional 300 watt solar panel sits atop a floating writer’s retreat and also provides power for the couple’s Gemini boat. Fair Companies does not build any of the off-the-grid homes or sustainable housing showcased on the website. Fair Companies goal is to serve as a clearinghouse of information for others interested in off-the-grid style simple living with sustainable influences.