‘General Hospital’ Wins Biggest Daytime Emmy Category, Fans Hopeful For Future

General Hospital has had a pretty stellar year. Several huge storylines were wrapped up last year, leaving Anthony Geary to retire on a high note. The Daytime Emmys were held last night, but they were not televised or streamed online. General Hospital fans had been hoping the show would win a few awards, especially with the footage that was submitted. Behind being nominated for the coveted Outstanding Drama Series category, the General Hospital actors and actresses nominated were deserving as well.

The disappointment of not being able to see the show was weighing heavily on fans. General Hospital fans had been pulling for their favorite show to finally win the category, and after all of the hard work the cast put in last year, it finally did. According to Soap Opera Digest, General Hospital won the Outstanding Drama Series category and beat out the three other soaps for the win. While there was some bashing of the show behind the win from fans who didn’t agree with the caliber of General Hospital last year, the majority of fans were celebrating.

Since then, the writing has changed for the better, and there is finally hope that the show will continue on without fear of immediate cancellation due to declining ratings.

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While winning the big award was exciting for the entire General Hospital cast and crew, there were several individual reasons to celebrate. Three actors from the show also took home Daytime Emmys for their roles. Sean Blakemore played Shawn Butler and snagged his first win last night. While he wasn’t present to accept his award, he did talk about it earlier today on The Talk. Bryan Craig won for his role as Morgan Corinthos. This was almost a given as he has been playing the part of a bipolar young adult, and knocking it out of the park. Finally, Tyler Christopher won for his role of Nikolas Cassadine. He was more than deserving as he has been handling the role of “dark prince” quite well. Despite the women from the cast being snubbed in favor of the Days of Our Lives winners, fans were quite proud that their show was recognized because of how good it was and the amazing talent working on it.

Last year, things were tense for General Hospital. Long-time fans were threatening to quit watching because of the insanely long storylines and ridiculous plots. Ron Carlivati was on the verge of destroying General Hospital, the only ABC soap left. There had been a lot of debate about why he did what he did, and the new writers have done a decent job cleaning up behind him. Right now, there is more focus on the hospital and less on the mob, which is what many had been asking for. The Quartermaines are still lost, but that may be changing in the upcoming months. For all the fans have endured, things are finally starting to fall back into place.

This year, General Hospital has a shot to really shine. Fans are already looking forward to everything May sweeps is going to offer, including the Nurses Ball. The wins that General Hospital took home last night proved that the show is still able to produce quality storylines and keep quality actors around. Currently, there are several standout actors on set, and fans are looking forward to what the writers have in store. Things are at an all-time high for the soap right now, and that is promising. Cancellation is a scary word, especially when it is in connection with the only remaining ABC soap. General Hospital may not be what everyone thinks it should be, but the awards speak volumes, especially when compared to previous years.

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