BABYMETAL About To Dominate Their Upcoming U.S. Tour — Almost Every Show Is Sold Out, Remaining Shows With Limited Tickets Left

Since 2010, hybrid heavy metal and J-pop idol band BABYMETAL has enamored hundreds of thousands of heavy metal and J-pop fans with their eclectic musical style. They however received the biggest boost of their careers after signing with a major label back in 2013 and one year later released their first, self-titled album. It sold over 37,000 copies in Japan in its first week, made its debut at number four on Oricon, number two in Billboard Japan, and topped iTunes Metal charts in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In 2016, BABYMETAL only got better. Upon the release of their second studio album titled Metal Resistance, the album was No. 2 on Oricon, number two on Billboard Japan, and in the top 10 metal charts for Australia and United Kingdom. Its most prominent achievement is reaching number 39 on the U.S. top 100. As for sales (both physical and digital albums), BABYMETAL sold 153,198 copies in Japan and 12,240 copies in the United States.

The fact that BABYMETAL did extremely well on the United States music charts is a testament on how they are trailblazers not just for their unique genre but for the Japanese music industry in general. This is because Japan, despite being the second largest music industry in the world, lacks international appeal compared to other music markets like the United States for example. Still, BABYMETAL is bucking the trend, and as one sign that proves it, almost every concert they have scheduled on their upcoming U.S. tour is sold out and the ones that are not sold out are limited in tickets.

The current tour, known as the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016: Legend — Metal Resistance, will primarily promote their latest album Metal Resistance, whose featured track is “Karate” (music video attached above). BABYMETAL’s first U.S. stretch consist of shows in Boston, Massachusetts, on May 5; Concord, North Carolina, on May 6 and later on May 8; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 7; Silver Springs, Minnesota, on May 10; Detroit, Michigan, on May 11; Chicago, Illinois, on May 13; and Somerset, Wisconsin, on May 14. After that, BABYMETAL will do shows within the European Union then come back for their second U.S. stretch of their tour. Shows include Seattle, Washington, on July 12; San Francisco, California, on July 14; Los Angeles, California, on July 15; and Bridgeview, Illinois, on July 17.

All in all, BABYMETAL will be performing 12 shows total in the United States. What is even more amazing is the fact that all the shows except for five of them are already sold out. As for the five that are not sold out, tickets are very limited at this point.

If anyone living in the United States does not see a show near their hometown or finds themselves in a predicament in which it is too late to purchase a ticket (concert is sold out for example), there is no need to fret. It is known that the finale of the tour will take place in the Tokyo Dome in Japan on September 19. It is possible that BABYMETAL might add more concert stops in the United States before then given the fact that their concert at Bridgeview, Illinois, is the last listed venue prior to the Tokyo Dome. And if they do not add more stops, BABYMETAL will most likely tour again in 2017. They have been consistent with world tours since 2014 so far.

For those interested in the upcoming concert stops for BABYMETAL World Tour 2016: Legend — Metal Resistance, their entire schedule can be viewed at their official website.

[Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images]