Aion Will Add Three New Classes in 4.0 Update

Another news flash from Gamescom 2012 to torment and tease excited gamers. The developers of Aion announced that they will be adding three new playable classes for the 4.0 game update. The team from Aion is playing their cards close to the vest, as very few other details were forthcoming.

What we were able to prod and pull out of our sources at Gamescom, is that one of the new classes will use a gun, and another will use a musical instrument as their weapon of choice. As for the third class, no amount of begging or pleading would get anyone to reveal the slightest bit of information.

Aion, which is published by gaming giant NCsoft, recovered very nicely from a slow start, and lagging subscription rates. NCsoft was able to tempt back many former players, and attract a new audience, with April’s patch 3.0, when the game went completely free to play. The game is much more fun now, with less grinding and many new additions. Patch 3.0 added player mounts, player housing, tons of in-game pets, and many other items, all available from NCsoft’s well stocked in-game store. To their credit, the game developers made sure that store bought items add entertainment value to the game, but will not give store users an advantage over those who choose to remain exclusively free to play.

Of course, before patch 4.0 can become part of Aion, NCsoft must first launch patch 3.5, which is coming to North America in December of 2012. The developers have big plans for patch 3.5, including the most difficult and dangerous end game boss yet. The new boss is the awesome Tiamat, the Dragon Lady of Balaurea. The fight is certain to challenge even the strongest players, and offers the best loot rewards available in the game.

In addition to the new boss in patch 3.5, there will also be four new instances; Citadel of Tiamat, Dragon Lord’s Sanctuary, The Third Crucible: Arena of Cooperation, and The Third Crucible: Arena of Glory. Players will be pleased with 3.5’s new cross-server dungeon finder, which will be especially welcome on low population servers. There will be new mounts, new gear, and more new pets to keep players coming back to the in-game item shop. Even guilds will be getting improvements with the addition of guild level 8, guild gear, guild wings, and guild mounts.

Enjoy the new video for Patch 3.5. Its only available in Korean, but it looks great.

Patch 3.5 has already gone live on the PTR (public test server) in Asia, and it is undergoing localization for the English language and European servers. Since 3.5 is arrives in December, we won’t be seeing the new classes promised in patch 4.0 before we are well into 2013. We will be sure to update you, when we have pried more details out of NCsoft. In the mean time, check back with often, for all the latest news on Aion, and all your favorite video games.