Here Are All The Xbox 360 Games You Can Get For Free This Week With An Xbox Live Subscription

Microsoft may be killing the Xbox 360 slowly, but that doesn’t mean 360 gamers have to be left in the dust. Microsoft is offering a slew of 360 games for free this week for those who have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Here are some of the titles you can get free this week if you’re among the few and the proud Live Gold subscribers.

Peggle: Pinball Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Starting May 16, Microsoft will be giving away the pinball-bashing game Peggle for free. This game takes the average pizza shop-pinball machine to the next level, with special abilities unlocked after you break enough pinballs and epic symphonic music playing to celebrate your in-game milestones. In case that wasn’t enough, there’s also a cool-looking rainbow trail that follows the ball after you make enough matches. Oh, and did we mention the tutorial guide is a unicorn?

Microsoft is also starting to offer users who may want an Xbox One in the near future a new deal. If you’re interested in the Games With Gold offer, you can now join Xbox Live Gold using the Xbox website and get a copy of the free games for your Xbox One.

Grid 2: Take To The Streets (In A Good Way)

The slightly-more-tame racing game Grid 2 is also available for free download with a Gold subscription. Microsoft’s Xbox website proclaims that Grid is available to be downloaded until May 15. With the tagline “Be fast, be first, be famous,” how can anyone resist?

Here Are All The Xbox 360 Games You Can Get For Free This Week With An Xbox Live Subscription

Costume Quest 2: Get Ready To Roleplay

This zany game’s trailer proclaims that you’ll get to “travel through time to save Halloween!” The Mirror notes that Costume Quest’s combat system is turn-based, but also factors in timing. This type of combat will definitely keep you on your feet as enemies can attack while you’re still trying to formulate a strategy. The only good news is that you can do the same to them.

A picture of the opening screen for part 3 of Costume Quest 2. Costume Quest 2 is one of several games offered for free with an Xbox Gold subscription by Microsoft this month. [Image Via]

Sunset Overdrive: Explore An Open World

The open-world game (think Runescape or Terraria) Sunset Overdrive is also free this month. Breathecast noted that the Xbox 360 game has been free since April, but will be replaced by Costume Quest 2 starting May 15. If you want to check out the third-person shooter/open world game, now’s the time to do it.

Here Are All The Xbox 360 Games You Can Get For Free This Week With An Xbox Live Subscription

Defense Grid 2: Tower Defense Gets An Upgrade

Looking something like the lovechild of Halo and Transformers, Defense Grid 2 has you using lasers and futuristic towers to take on a bunch of bug-like robots that walk around on metallic “legs.” If you’re an action and/or explosion addict, Defense Grid 2 is your kind of game. Even those who don’t typically love tower defense games may be interested based on the simple fact that the trailer makes it look really, really cool.

Microsoft is also offering free Xbox One games for those who already have Xbox 360 and are thinking of upgrading to an Xbox One. If this applies to you, all you need to do is click over to Xbox’s website, then find the link below the “Games With Gold” that says “Join Now To Claim For Xbox One.”

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This, unfortunately, doesn’t seem available for all of the free games mentioned above, but the good news is that Microsoft is adding to the growing list of 360 games that play on Xbox One nearly all the time. Let us know what you think of this month’s selections. Are there any games you’d like to see added to the list? Which games have you been excited to download for free in past months?

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