Jennifer Garner Talks About ‘The Odd Life Of Timothy Green’ [Video]

Jennifer Garner’s new movie, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, hit theaters this weekend.

Garner plays a small town wife in the movie who desperately wants to have a child with her husband, played by Joel Edgerton. But after years of trying, Garnger and Edgerton give up on their dream of having a child. That’s when they meet Timothy Green, a strange boy who emerges from their garden one day.

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green has been called a “fairy tale for the infertile,” and Garner says that story is both touching, heart-felt, and uplifting.

Garner said:

“It feels like I’m exposing something that’s very intimate … I absolutely was dying to play this role.”

The Alias actress also said that the she was attracted to the new movie because of its original story. Garner compared The Odd Life Of Timothy Green to movies like E.T. and Forest Gump.

Garner said:

“I love that it is an original story there aren’t that many of those out there and it feels old fashioned to the way movies were when I was younger like ET or Forrest Gump or something that is very life affirming and you feel great afterwards.”

Here’s a video of Jennifer Garner talking about her new movie.

The new movie, which hit theaters this weekend, has received mixed reviews so far. The Odd Life of Timothy Green currently has a 41 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Marshall Fine writes:

“Eager to please but ultimately unable to do so..While it will undoubtedly produce the waterworks, the laughs are a little harder to come by.”

Brian Orndorft adds:

“A touching fable, Odd Life benefits from an eager cast and a unique sensitivity, finding a comfortable, endearing position between a bizarre premise and its enthusiastic execution.”

Have you seen The Odd Life Of Timothy Green?