WWE News: Vince McMahon Not High On New WWE NXT Stars Right Now

When it comes to WWE NXT, it seems that the brand is universally loved by WWE fans who watch it. A lot can be said about the brand and how well it is booked, along with how well they use a lot of the talent there. The real cause to pause is thinking how well the NXT talent will be utilized on the main roster and even if Vince McMahon will give them a shot. We know that most all of the talent brought up to the main roster showed us something of note down in NXT which warranted a call-up, but does that mean they will succeed or fall flat?

When it comes to the likes of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, they have excelled since their call-up. Sadly Enzo sustained an injury at WWE Payback last night, but before this occurred they were quickly getting over with everyone. Plus it seemed Vince McMahon had become a fan, which is by no means an easy thing for them to accomplish. However, it is uncertain how other NXT workers will fair with The Chairman.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince thinks the gimmick for The Vaudevillains is stupid. McMahon has had some second thoughts about calling up the pair almost since they arrived. Many were surprised to see them come up as quick as they did, as well. While no one thought they were bad on the mic or in the ring, many assumed that they would remain in NXT for a while longer simply because they kind of lost all the momentum they had built down there.

Double V

In fact, WWE would have done much better if they brought up almost any other team from there other the villains. Most think that if Enzo didn’t get hurt at Payback, he and Big Cass would have gone on to WWE Extreme Rules to challenge The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Now that is uncertain how long Enzo will be out, the villains will most likely get the title shot. So, WWE has to build them up and make them some sort of challenge for The New Day.

Vince McMahon has been quite frustrated with the developmental team, as he feels that certain gimmicks and ideas won’t work on the main roster like they may in NXT. Bo Dallas anyone?

He’s not wrong, at least concerning the villains, as fans have not taken to the pair of Aiden English and Simon Gotch since their arrival, but this isn’t totally on them. They were thrown on WWE SmackDown, which made things even worse for their arrival, and then from there WWE hasn’t really bothered to help people understand their gimmick. Is this a WWE problem or a Vaudevillain problem?

On top of this, Vince isn’t quite sure about Apollo Crews yet. Many have praised his work in the ring, but Vince is not sure about Apollo’s personality yet. Right now, he’s not getting over with most officials in this area, which could be a hindrance to his possible push. One thing on his side is that fans have seemed to enjoy him, and he gets great pops everywhere he goes.

Apollo Crews

Regarding Enzo and Cass, once again, McMahon seems to like them. He’s just not sure what their gimmick is. He is happy about how over they are with the crowd as well as their promos, however. He is more impressed with Big Cass, obviously due to his size. This might also be big for Cass, because if Enzo has to miss some time in the ring, he could work doing promos only. Meanwhile Cass could work in the ring. This would allow Enzo to play manager for a bit, but both could stay relevant despite Enzo’s injury.

As far as Baron Corbin goes, Vince doesn’t seem to have a major issue with him nor does he seem to be high on him yet, either.

While Vince McMahon typically nitpicks with WWE NXT stars, he will most likely give all who came up a good bit of time to show what they can do before pushing them down the card in favor of others. That means we should not assume he’ll just bury everyone yet.

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