‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Has A New Boyfriend? She’s ‘So Happy’ With New Man After Thomas Ravenel Split

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis appears to have a new man in her life.

On May 2, ahead of the latest episode of Southern Charm Season 3, Kathryn Dennis shared a new photo with her fans and followers on Instagram, and in it, she was seen with an unidentified man at her side. So, is it her boyfriend? Unfortunately, Kathryn Dennis didn’t confirm she and her mystery man were dating, but she did say she was “so happy” to have him.

“#sohappy #Charleston #mine,” Kathryn Dennis captioned the May 2 photo on Instagram.

Just one day prior, Kathryn Dennis further hinted at her possible romance by sharing a meme on Instagram, which included the message, “You Live, You Learn, You Upgrade.”

While Kathryn Dennis’ “happy” photo of herself and her mystery man was the first picture to hint at a new romance, it may not have been the first photo of the two of them. At the end of last week, Kathryn Dennis posted a photo of herself, one of her female friends and two males, and one of those males appears to be the same man that is seen in her latest photo.

On April 13, Kathryn Dennis spoke of her dating life during an interview with the Daily Dish, revealing she’s gone on a few dates since splitting from Thomas Ravenel, the father of her two children, 2-year-old Kensington and 5-month-old St. Julien, months ago.

“It’s been really difficult to date because Charleston’s small, everyone knows Thomas,” Kathryn Dennis admitted at the time.

Kathryn Dennis and Ravenel began dating during Southern Charm Season 1 and welcomed a child together the following year. Throughout their relationship, Kathryn Dennis and Ravenel were on and off and plagued by drama, but that didn’t stop them from conceiving their second child, who arrived late last year just weeks before they called it quits for good.

As for what Kathryn Dennis is hoping to find in a man after Ravenel, she told the Daily Dish, “I think I’m a little high maintenance when it comes to men now. They’re gonna have to be a Mother Teresa-type man.”

She wants someone who is “honorable, like they respect you, they don’t cheat on you, they love you. I mean, just the normal stuff… it’s very difficult to find in this day and age. There are so many distractions. But I like them tall, dark, and handsome. I’ll say that.”

Although Kathryn Dennis didn’t say a thing about being in a committed relationship with anyone at the time of her interview last month, she did reveal her hopes to one day be married.

“I absolutely love being a mom. I want a huge family. And definitely with the man that I marry,” she said. “I want my children to have a stepfather and then grow that family and make it feel whole. I don’t know when this is all gonna happen, though. It’s gonna take a long time for me to not be cynical and jaded about men.”

As for her future with Ravenel, Kathryn Dennis told the outlet she hoped they could one day co-parent in an effective manner.

“I can do it, and I’m confident that God will work it out somehow,” she stated.

In recent weeks, Kathryn Dennis and Ravenel have been at war, and although Ravenel sees their children at times, he doesn’t appear to have a custody agreement in place with his former girlfriend.

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[Photo via Kathryn Dennis/Instagram]