WWE News: Video Teases Heel Turn For A Former Member Of The Shield

Everyone has been waiting on Roman Reigns to make a complete and total heel turn to go along with the fact that the fans are going to boo him anyway. After Payback, it seems as if WWE may be leaning that way with him now, but it seems as if another former member of The Shield could be doing the same. Once Payback was over, Dean Ambrose had some choice words that really had him leaning in the direction of a heel turn.

On Sunday night at Payback, Ambrose ended up defeating Chris Jericho in a pretty good match between the two, as recapped by WWE.com. Some thought that may have been the end of that feud, but it appears there are long-term plans for the two.

The story of the match was basic enough for a babyface vs. heel show, but much more came from a video posted by WWE after the match. In the exclusive video, Ambrose talks about his match against Jericho, but there was something much more interesting in his words.

Did you happen to catch that?

Ambrose was asked about his match and Chris Jericho and all of that, but then it got to the thoughts of the fans. He specifically stated that he “doesn’t care whether you love him or hate him.”

That really doesn’t sound like the words of someone who plays to the fans and wants them to cheer him when he heads out to the ring. Last night on Monday Night Raw, he also had the final edition of the “Ambrose Asylum,” as Stephanie McMahon cancelled it.

After that, she introduced Chris Jericho to reboot “The Highlight Reel,” and that broke out in a huge brawl between the two superstars. With that, WWE is going to keep the feud going, and it likely will result in another match between Ambrose and Jericho at Extreme Rules.

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That will put the heel turn for Ambrose on hold for a while, and it’s something that Daily DDT believes is a good idea. The belief is that turning Ambrose heel could have been disastrous for WWE during his feud with Brock Lesnar leading into WrestleMania 32.

If WWE were to turn Ambrose now, it could cause the same kind of issue as they also don’t have a lot of big-time babyfaces on the roster. With John Cena on the mend and the fans pouring their hatred down on Roman Reigns every chance they get, Ambrose is the hero they need right now.

Should the promotion look for a former member of The Shield to turn heel, they really don’t need to look any further than the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

wwe news rumors roman reigns dean ambrose heel turn

On Sunday night, Reigns retained his title in a match with AJ Styles that saw him display a lot of heel characteristics. On Monday Night Raw, there were even more signs that Reigns could be heading for a heel turn as he ended up throwing Styles through a table and standing over him menacingly.

The fans are already booing Reigns with each and every appearance that he makes. They don’t care for him as the babyface champion he was trying to be. WWE turning him heel could work out to the benefit of everyone.

Dean Ambrose is going to eventually turn heel again. It’s not that fans need to wait around and see if it will happen, but when it’s going to take place. Ambrose is exactly like Brian Pillman in so many ways, and there is so much potential for him as a full-blown heel. While WWE appears to be holding off on that move with the former member of The Shield, the seeds are being planted, and it does look like it will be happening.

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