Top 5 Most Famous Prostitutes Of All Time

The top 5 most famous prostitutes of all time list includes some famous and well-respected historical and Hollywood figures. The heyday of unregulated prostitution in the United States during the 1860s will be highlighted during the upcoming Copper, BBC America premiering on August 19. Here are the top 5 most famous prostitutes.

Aspasia – The most famous prostitute of all time trolled the streets before there were even any real roadways to travel upon in Greece. Aspasia owned on of the most successful brothels in Athens. It is rumored that Aspasia even serviced Pericles now and again.

Russell Brand – In additional to being a popular entertainer who kicked a drug habit, Russell Brand also allegedly once earned a paycheck working as a male escort. Brand once estimated he had slept with approximately 2,000 women. Before becoming famous or even Katy Perry’s short-term husband, Brand attended the Italia Cont Academy in London – but was kicked out for destructive behavior, notes

Marilyn Monroe – The blonde bombshell reportedly made $500 per day “hanging out” with directors and producers, making porn films and doing “house calls” before becoming famous, Fan Pop notes. One of Marilyn Monroe’s alleged porn flicks is reportedly still available for online viewing – for a very hefty fee, of course.

Raquel Welch – The 1960s era sex symbol allegedly made a name for herself in Tijuana when she worked as an upscale prostitute, Buzzfeed reports. Some of Welch’s family members claim the actress went by the name Raquel Tejada while trading on her beauty in Tijuana.

Calamity Jane – The highly proficient female gunslinger reportedly paid her bills by sleeping with cowboys at Fort Laramie when she was not roaming the West scouting and shooting Indians.