“You Suck!” Child Protestor Yells To Ted Cruz At A Rally

Republican Presidential contender Ted Cruz was given an earful on Sunday by a young heckler, while speaking at a campaign rally in La Porte, Indiana, according to The Oregonian.

While sharing his tax plan, the Texas Senator was sidetracked by an interrupting protestor. Cruz stopped his speech to address the preteen, according to a report done by The Daily Mail.

“Apparently there’s a young boy who’s had some problems.”

It was then the preteen protestor retorted to Ted Cruz, “You suck!” Turns out, Cruz was not having it.

Cruz directly addressed the heckler in front of the Indiana crowd, beginning with, “Thank you, son.” From there, he turned this moment into a lesson about respecting your elders, according to The Oregonian.

“You know, I appreciate you sharing your views. One of the things that hopefully someone has told you is that children should actually speak with respect.”

As a result, the crowd erupted in applause and cheers to Cruz’s sentiment. While the preteen was escorted out of the rally by local law enforcement officials, the potential Republican nominee continued his parental-sounding lecture.

“You know, in my household, when a child behaves that way, they get a spanking.”

The young heckler isn’t the only person who wants to see the end of the GOP contender. In the wake of Tuesday’s primary, Cruz is struggling to boost voter moral in Indiana. As of Sunday, a poll conducted by NBC News, the Wall Street Journal and Marist College shows that Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz by 15 points, according to the New York Times.

Cruz is definitely aware of the pressure that currently lies on him and his campaign. In a story published by the New York Times, the Republican was quoted saying, “The eyes of the entire country…now rest on Indiana,” while speaking at a religious community center in that state. He went on to list the odds against him, according to a report by the Texas Tribune.

“The mainstream media wants this race to be over. The New York power brokers want this race to be over. The Washington lobbyist want this race to be over…John Boehner wants this race to be over. They all make their decision and they now expect the people of Indiana to fall in line.”

Still, Cruz has been making an effort to rise to the challenge, despite having political pundits and various politicians point out his shortcomings. Last Wednesday, Ted Cruz recruited former Presidential Republican contender Carly Fiorina as his running mate, if he were to receive the Presidential nomination for the GOP, according to the New York Times. While this move hasn’t necessarily given Cruz the spike he would have liked in the news polls, he still has supporters acknowledging his efforts.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]