‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos Considers Intriguing Proposals, Summer Faces A Shocker, And Theresa Confronts Brady

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday’s episode indicate that this show will set the stage for a wild week of episodes. Rafe and Hope are falling in love with one another, but a stunning return is about to shake up their romance. Nicole and Victor are angling to take down Deimos, but will he fall for their plan? Summer is growing closer to Maggie, but her world will be rocked when a man from her past shows up during the May 2 show.

Victor and Nicole made a deal to work together on destroying Deimos, and they now have Justin, Brady, and Dario looped in on their plans, as well. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that Justin will pay a visit to Deimos during Monday’s show, and he apparently has some sort of proposition to make. Deimos may be both fascinated and suspicious of Nicole, but he may not see trouble coming from all angles as this plan is set into motion this week. Will he agree to Justin’s proposal?

Maggie and Victor are working on getting situated with a new home now that they are both making progress in their respective recoveries, and they are without a home due to Deimos’ evil plan. Days of Our Lives spoilers note that they will reach out to Summer and ask her to live with them. Despite all of the emotional moments woven into this reunion, both Summer and Maggie are trying to build a relationship and it seems that she will be touched by the offer.

However, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that a man from Summer’s past shows up in Salem during Monday’s episode, and he is intent on ruining what she has managed to build. She is said to be shocked by this man’s arrival and as the week plays out, she will be facing blackmail. It sounds as if this guy will end up dead before long, and soon Dario will be helping Summer with a con she is tackling.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Theresa will be fighting with Brady once again during this net show. She has been jealous and dubious of Summer since Brady headed to California, and that still is not resolved. Theresa and Brady will have an intense conversation during Monday’s episode, where she accuses him of always trying to be a hero. She says that he is always trying to rescue someone and clearly she is referencing Summer in this case. How will he react?

There is a bit of action ahead between Deimos and Nicole during the next show as well. He may have pulled Kate into a plan revolving around Titan and Basic Black, but he is about to make Nicole an offer as well. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that he asks Nicole to take on the CEO position at Basic Black. After all of the chaos surrounding Basic Black, Nicole, and Kate in the past year or so, it looks like Deimos is about to restart the chaos.

As the week plays out, Hope will tell Rafe she loves him, but she’s about to get a big surprise. Someone from her past shows up at her home, and she can’t believe her eyes when he walks through the door. There has been a lot of buzz about Daniel Cosgrove returning as Aiden Jennings, and that shocker comes this week.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that Aiden will turn out to be alive and well, having been hidden away by Andre before the attempt on Hope’s life. Supposedly it was an imposter who tried to kill Hope and who died in the battle with Bo. However, some fans are speculating that ultimately it could be the reverse of this twisted plan, that the current Aiden may well be the imposter. Either way, Hope will be stunned to see Aiden walk through the door, and this will surely lead to some complex emotions.

Will Nicole and Victor be successful in their plan against Deimos? How far will Summer go to get what she wants? This is shaping up to be a wild month on Days of Our Lives and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]