‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: Does Tyrion’s Dragon Moment Prove He’s A Targaryen?

Game of Thrones delivered some amazing moments in the second episode of Season 6, and fans can’t stop talking about it. However, did it also foreshadow a huge spoiler?

According to Romper, a big Game of Thrones fan theory may have been hinted at during Sunday’s all-new episode. As Daenerys is away with the Dothraki, Tyrion is basically in charge of Meereen, and he’s decided to let the dragons out of captivity.

Viewers watched as Tyrion carefully spoke to the dragons while he reluctantly unchained them from their prison, where Daenerys put them after one of them killed a young child in the city. As Tyrion set them free, he told them a story about how all he wanted for his birthday when he was a child was a dragon, and when his father told him they had all died out over 100 years before, he cried himself to sleep at night. This story, and the way the dragons seemed at ease with Tyrion, could prove one of the biggest and most shocking Game of Thrones fan theories. Could Tyrion Lannister actually be a Targaryen?

Game of Thrones spoilers: Tyrion and Daenerys are brother and sister?

It is possible that the dragons responded so well to Tyrion because he is a Targaryen, who has dragon blood as the legends say. However, Tyrion is the most charismatic and likable character on Game of Thrones, and the dragons could have just sensed that he was trying to help them.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fan theories about Tyrion’s background reveal that he may have been the son of Joanna Lannister and the mad king Aerys Targaryen.

A part in one of the Game of Thrones novels reveals a scene where Aerys Targaryen attended Joanna and Tywin Lannister’s wedding and made a comment about how it was a shame that the king didn’t get to sleep with the new bride first on her wedding night. Did the mad king feel like he had some right to Joanna and eventually get her, fathering Tyrion in the process?

If the theory is true, this would mean that Tyrion is not only a Targaryen, but Daenerys’ older brother, and he would have a considerable claim to the iron throne.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones fans also theorize that since there are three dragons, there may be three living Targaryens and that Jon Snow is the other member of the family.

Game of Thrones spoilers: Tyrion and Jon Snow are both Targaryens?

The long-running “R+L=J” theory among fans states that it is possible that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are actually Jon Snow’s true parents. While Ned Stark claimed that Jon was his illegitimate son and raised him with his wife, Catelyn Stark, no mention of his mother was ever given.

Many Game of Thrones enthusiasts believe that Jon is actually Ned Stark’s nephew and that his sister Lyanna, who was said to have been kidnapped and possibly raped by Rhaegar Targaryen, was his mother. Theories claim that Lyanna asked Ned to raise Jon as his own son and never reveal that he was a Targaryen for fear that he would be killed. Viewers are hoping that they’ll finally see that scene in a flashback during Season 6.

As for Jon Snow, the character had a shocking turn of events in the most recent episode. After being killed by the Night’s Watch, Jon was stunningly resurrected by Lady Melisandre at the end of the episode.

Will Game of Thrones fans see Jon go back to his former self after returning from the dead, or will he be plagued and haunted by his trip to the other side? Viewers cannot wait to see what happens next as Season 6 continues to roll on.

What are your thoughts on the theories that Game of Thrones characters Tyrion and/or Jon could be members of the Targaryen family?

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