WWE News: Enzo Amore Update After Suffering Scary Injury At ‘Payback’

Sunday night’s pay-per-view, Payback, was supposed to help set the stage for the next big tag-team feud, but the injury to Enzo Amore put a damper on things right at the top of the show. Enzo and Cass took on The Vaudevillains in the first match of the main card to determine who would face The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships. But after Enzo took a spill to the outside just minutes into the match, the referee called for the bell in what seemed like an abrupt finish and had many wondering if it was a work injury or a legit injury.

It turned out to be the latter, and a serious one at that, for one of the fastest-risers in the company in Enzo Amore. Trainers rushed to ringside after the referee alerted medical personnel in the back with the “X” sign, and were soon putting Enzo on a stretcher. Live, the injury looked bad, but the slo-mo replays made it look even worse. Shortly thereafter, Enzo was rushed to a medical facility, where he was diagnosed with a concussion.

Right before the main event of Payback, Michael Cole updated the viewing audience at home, saying that despite the concussion, all other tests performed on Enzo came back negative. They showed replays of the injury once again, both on television and to those in attendance, as the Chicago crowd began an “Ohh Enzo Amore” serenade. Fortunately for Enzo and his fans, the “Certified G and Bona Fide Stud” was released from the hospital, even before Payback went off the air, as reported by Wrestling Inc. Kevin Owens went to the hospital with his traveling partners and posted a picture to Twitter from the hospital room and then the official WWE page also posted a photo of Enzo outside the facility, indicating all seemed to be ok with Amore.

Many WWE superstars, past and present, took to their respective social media outlets to pass along their well-wishes to Enzo. Everyone from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Vince Russo, Big E, Sasha Banks, Goldust, and more sent prayers, indicating just how popular Enzo is already within the WWE locker room and outside of it. According to the report, Enzo remembers everything before his match with The Vaudevillains, but it’s not clear whether he recalls the moment the injury occurred.

Enzo was able to move all his extremities before the ambulance left the All-State Arena, and he was communicating with the medical personnel. No official word as of yet on how long he’ll be out of action, but of course, Enzo will have to pass all the impact tests administered during the company-enforced concussion protocol.

Before the pay-per-view took place, some outlets were reporting that the winner of the Enzo & Cass vs The Vaudevillains match would go on to face The New Day the very same night at Payback. Obviously, that did not happen, as no winner was declared and the match was stopped. Enzo & Cass had been engaged in a feud with The Dudley Boyz since debuting on the main roster, leading many to believe that Bubba Ray and D-Von would have eventually cost them the match Sunday night, and helped The Vaudevillains win. The nasty injury prevented any of that from happening, but with Extreme Rules coming up in just three short weeks, it’s likely WWE will move forward with a Vaudevillains/New Day program anyway.

Concussions were brought back to the forefront recently as they played a major part in Daniel Bryan’s retirement. Enzo’s setback will not be taken lightly and we’ll just have to wait to hear on an official timetable for his return.

[Image via WWE]