‘WWE Monday Night RAW’ Preview: ‘Payback’ Results In Both McMahons As Boss

Tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW will be building off of last night’s WWE Payback results, as Shane and Stephanie try to co-exist as RAW general managers. There were a lot of controversial endings at Payback, and with WWE Extreme Rules less than three weeks away, a lot of WWE Superstars on RAW will be asking for rematches with some extreme stipulations.

Enzo Amore suffered a nasty-looking concussion at Payback, so the WWE Universe can expect an update on RAW. Both the Intertcontinental and Women’s Championship matches ended questionably last night, so follow-up matches are likely to be booked by the McMahons tonight.

Below is deeper look at WWE.com’s official Monday Night RAW preview for April 25. Each week, the site provides the WWE Universe with some borderline-spoilers in regards to the assumed events that will take place on the WWE’s flagship program, live on the USA Network.

WWE Monday Night RAW Preview

The WWE Universe in Chicago is always intense. As the WWE Superstars cross state lines for tonight’s show in St. Louis, will the residents of the Show-Me State continue the trend of hot Monday Night RAW audiences in the “new era” of WWE?

Can Shane and Stephanie McMahon coexist as Raw showrunners?

Viewers may or may not have been surprised when Vince McMahon revealed that both of his offspring would be in charge of Monday Night RAW going forward. After giving Shane and Stephanie the choice between a bloody feud or working together, the McMahon siblings chose the latter.

How long will the alliance between Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley and Shane-O-Mac last? Will the two reverse their course by the time Extreme Rules rolls around and be at each other’s throats again?

Will Styles and Reigns go to new ‘Extremes’ tonight?

The “swerve” from Payback‘s main event was that there wasn’t much of a swerve at all. Finn Balor didn’t debut. Seth Rollins didn’t return. The Bullet Club didn’t turn on AJ Styles, but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows failed in helping The Phenomenal One capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Roman Reigns.

Before Payback 2016 went off the air last night, Shane, Steph and Vince announced a rematch to be held under “Extreme Rules.” Will Reigns and Styles get to it early and turn things “extreme” on RAW in St. Louis?

How will Natalya respond to the ‘Chicago Screwjob’?

Last night wasn’t the first time WWE tried to use the heat from the “Montreal Screw Job” that happened almost 20 years ago. It met with mixed results in front of the Chicago crowd. It looks like the Charlotte-Natalya program will continue for at least three more weeks.

Charlotte vs. Natalya

At Extreme Rules, what sort of stipulations will be set for Natalya’s rematch? Charlotte vs. Natalya in a Steel Cage Match might be the only way Ric Flair can truly be neutralized.


Who will be next to challenge The Miz?

It looks like one of two scenarios will play out surrounding the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn could all challenge for the title, adding a no disqualification stipulation to a Fatal 4-Way Match at Extreme Rules.

The other option would be for Owens, Zayn and Cesaro to compete in a Triple Threat Match to determine the new No. 1 contender for The Miz’s IC Title. With Extreme Rules just around the corner, the plans will likely be spelled out clearly on WWE RAW tonight.

What’s next for the tag team division?

One of Payback‘s most anticipated matches never saw it’s conclusion on Sunday night. Enzo Amore took an awkward bump as he and Big Cass challenged the Vaudevillains for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship against The New Day. Amore’s injury was obvious to anyone watching. It was announced that he had suffered a legitimate concussion.

Like almost any professional athlete these days, Enzo will likely be forced to take some time off as part of WWE’s concussion protocol. If that’s the case, will the Vaudevillains automatically get a shot at The New Day?

Where To Watch

WWE Payback is currently available to stream on-demand on the WWE Network. WWE Extreme Rules will air live on the WWE Network on Sunday, May 22 at 8/7c.

WWE Monday Night RAW airs live on the USA Network at 8/7c, with the RAW Pre-Show airing on the WWE Network at 7:30/6:30c. Replays of WWE RAW aren’t made available on the WWE Network until several weeks after the original air date. However, a 90-minute version of Monday Night RAW is available to stream on-demand the following day with a Hulu Plus subscription.

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