May 4, 2016
'Captain America: Civil War': Is This The Movie That 'Age Of Ultron' Should Have Been?

Fans of comic and cartoon alike are growing more and more excited.

Captain America: Civil War is right around the corner, and much hype has been gained in the time leading up to its release. Whether it's the Black Panther leaping into action for the first time or Iron Man and Captain America slugging it out, Civil War is looking to be one of the best movies this year. The big question is this: Could it beat Age of Ultron?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Captain America:Civil War has already been launched overseas and raked in an extremely impressive $200.2 million. Compare this to movies such as The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, or Iron Man 3, and it's clear that this Marvel movie will make leaps and bounds. If that isn't enough to put Cap and Stark on the heels of their previous performance, consider the fact that Age of Ultron had a U.S. opening weekend of around $191 million. Marvel has been successful in their movie releases, and they're looking to do the same with their upcoming action movie.

Captain America: Civil War will feature Spider-Man, the web-slinging hero who fans have been wanting to see alongside the Avengers for some time now. Played by Tom Holland, this is a massive play by Marvel to give anticipation to those who follow the comics. In a trailer released back in March, Iron Man -- played by the charismatic Robert Downey Jr. -- calls upon the help of Spidey to combat Team Cap. Stark calls him "Underoos," a clear jab at the fact that Spider-Man dons a costume that he would consider a full body suit of underwear. Additionally, it appears that Spiderman's costume has been tailored to a specific purpose. ScreenRant reports that Spidey's costume plays close to the one in the comics, adding a certain authenticity to the experience.
There's also Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman. This will be the first time he is shown on the big screen, and fans are excited to see what he is capable of.

In comparison, Age of Ultron certainly held its own. It was the introduction of the Hulk Buster, Iron Man's response to The Hulk losing control of himself. One of the bigger action sequences of the entire movie, some considered it the most satisfactory when compared to others in the film. Forbes reported that Age of Ultron was enjoyable as a whole, but that it was also considered to be a letdown by Disney. Some complaints revolved around the argument that the movie was slow, and that no enemy outside of Ultron, himself, left an impression that the Avengers were truly in harm's way. Whether you stand on the positive or negative, there seems to be no denying that the movie could have been better.

Captain America: Civil War is looking to become king of Marvel's box-office hits, and speculation is high that Age of Ultron has given it the room to do just that. Whereas the latter seems like a straight shot between good and evil, Civil War introduces a divide between the Avengers. Based on the trailers, a decision that will shape the future of the Avengers leaves Captain America at odds with Tony Stark.

Fans will be able to find out what this entails for themselves on May 6, when theaters open up in the U.S. and unveil one of the biggest showdowns in Marvel history. One thing is certain: there is no shortage of action, and Civil War will be an epic continuation of the films that have been released thus far.

Are you excited to see the new Captain America: Civil War movie? Whose side are you on? Comment below and let us know if you stand with the shield or the iron.

[Image Via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]