Emilia Clarke Reveals Her Hopes For Character On ‘Game Of Thrones’

Emilia Clarke may play Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, but her character is perhaps better known as Khaleesi, or even Mother of Dragons. Game of Thrones has recently returned for its sixth season, and Emilia Clarke is as candid as she possibly could be about what’s in store for her character.

In an interview with Mirror, Emilia Clarke warns fans that absolutely anything is possible this season, especially as the TV series has gone ahead of the book series. Author George R. R. Martin had planned to publish his latest book in the series before the sixth season of Game of Thrones aired, but he has not yet finished the book. Instead, he has given producers his notes so that they know what direction to take the characters. Emilia Clarke explains how this will affect the TV series.

“There are no more books so this is uncharted territory – brand spanking new information which is why everyone has to be so much more discreet. In previous seasons you could ask someone who read the books what happens and they would tell you but now it’s anyone’s game. No one is safe – literally.”

This has made it especially hard for the cast and crew of Game of Thrones, which has earned a reputation for killing off even the most beloved of main characters. Emilia Clarke feels the pain of not being able to spill any secrets.

“It’s so hard keeping quiet because all you want to do is scream it from the rooftops and all HBO want you to do is not scream it from the rooftops.”

In the first episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke’s character Daenerys is once again with the Dothraki people. According to TVLine, things look okay for her, after the leader realizes that she is Kahl Drogo’s widow, whom she married in the first season. Daenerys assumes that she is now able to leave, but the Dothraki custom is for widows to live out their days in a holy temple.

Emilia Clarke is optimistic that this season will see Daenerys bring together everything that she has learned about being a ruler.

“She’s on quite a journey and I feel like every season I talk about how much she’s learned but with this season it’s not so much that she learned anything new but that she finally has an opportunity to put everything she’s ever learned into play.”

So far, Daenerys has been a character fighting to regain her birthright, which is to rule from the Iron Throne. Season 6 will test her to make sure she is ready, Emilia Clarke says.

“When we last saw her she was completely on her own and now she’s been landed in this area that’s alien to her and she’s forced to use all of the resources she has found within herself and it’s pretty impressive. She lands on her feet, does very well and it’s safe to say that her eyes are on the prize. This is like a big one for her.”

Daenerys’s evolution has led to her being one of the strongest female characters on Game of Thrones, something that Emilia Clarke is proud of. With the help of those around her and her trusty dragons, she will hopefully continue to be successful if only so that viewers can continue to watch Emilia Clarke and her portrayal of the Mother of Dragons.

Yet, the slogan for the sixth season is “The Dead are Coming,” a saying that does not bode well for any Game of Thrones characters. Emilia Clarke explains her theory about what this saying means.

“It’s that threat that is forcing every major character to make ultimately life-changing decisions and everyone is forced to step up their game.”

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