Justin Cuts Off His Controversial Locks–Fans Are In ‘Mourning’

After much controversy and turmoil from fans, Justin Bieber has cut off his blonde dreadlocks.

“The pop star debuted his fresh cut on Instagram Friday, much to the positive response from fans,” People reported. “‘Way better,’ one Belieber commented as another follower wrote, ‘thank the Lord.’”

Overall, the dreadlocks were disliked by fans, but there were those few who didn’t mind his spunk. Those who hated it, however, were very vocal about it.

“Fans at Justin’s concert at Washington D.C’s Verizon Center were the last Beliebers to get to see Justin’s bright blond dreadlocks, as right after he finished the concert, out came a razor to shave them completely off!” Hollywood Life said.

As mentioned before, fans were quick to voice their opinions regarding his hairstyle choice. Justin gave the haters an answer in a video released on April 19.

“Dude, are you gonna do anything with your hair or you just gonna leave it like that dude,” he said, mocking the dissenters. “Yeah some girl came up to me, she was like, ‘I love you Justin, but that’s like my least favorite hairstyle of yours.’”

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Despite his fight against fans’ “hate,” Bieber has given in. Whether his decision was motivated by their opinions or due to his own whims, Beliebers are overjoyed.

“The new look most likely stems from the backlash from fans over his controversial dreadlocks weeks prior,” VH1 said. “His recent hair choices haven’t always been fan favorites, but at least he kept it interesting. Now its time to start over.”

“It seems as if Justin decided he could enjoy the fun without fussing with that long hair,” The Inquisitr reported. “After surprising fans by shaving off his hair, he joined Drake at an album release party at La Vie nightclub.”

Cosmopolitan reports that in light of the haircut, Twitter is in mourning. Currently, the hashtag #RIPJustinsHair is trending.

The sarcastic hashtag seems to be a perfect symbol of Justin Bieber’s social image lately. Recently, poor Bieber has been tossed around between being loved, teased, or derided on sites like Twitter. Even Cosmopolitan echoed the sarcasm in their article.

“Justin Bieber could well be going through a very early mid-life crisis,” Cosmopolitan also said. “After growing his hair out for a bit, the Sorry singer went and got himself dreadlocks. Long hair had become part of Biebs’ very make-up. Just like Harry Styles, just not quite so long and straggly. But like everyone who’s had a recent break-up, it was time for a haircut. Bieber included.”

They also discussed the faithfulness of Justin’s fans.

“And given his fans’ love and dedication to his locks, it was probably inevitable that when Justin made the decision to go for the chop, his followers would find it difficult to overcome.”

“Each of the images has generated more than ten thousand comments,” The Statesman reported. Based on the responses on Twitter from fans and friends, this makes complete sense. It was definitely a wise move on his part. Not only did it satisfy fans, but he genuinely looks better. Jokes are flying about him looking extremely young, but perhaps that is better than looking ragged and wild. Fans have decided one thing, they like the classy and cleaner cut on Justin better than the dreadlocks.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]