Lea Michele Experiences An Emotional Family Reunion On ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Since Scream Queens ended, Lea Michele has been enjoying her time away from the camera and indulging in her writing projects, but she recently returned to television for an appearance on Who Do You Think You Are?, which led to an emotional event for Lea and for the rest of her family. Who Do You Think You Are? recruits celebrities interested in researching their family trees and sharing reunions that are often surprising and highly emotional, which was just the case for Lea Michele and her family.

Scream Queens Star Lea Michele Learns More About Her Father’s Side Of The Family


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The episode of Who Do You Think You Are? set to air tonight features Lea Michele (who was born Lea Michele Sarfati) and her family. The episode explores Lea’s family on her father, Mark Sarfati’s, side. Michele revealed that her father is Jewish and was raised in the Bronx, but says that little else was known about the family’s genealogy.

“My dad and I had the best time doing this together, and it was really such a bonding experience for the both of us,” 29-year-old Michele says. “My dad’s like my best friend, so this was just such a great thing for us to do together.”

Lea was afforded the chance to meet someone who had once lived with her parents, but, since relocating to Israel in 1983, hadn’t had much contact with the family. Ms. Michele remarked that she was awed by the experience, just because she remembered hearing the relative’s name as a child and now had the opportunity to meet her.

“My dad cried when he saw her — so did my mom,” Michele continues. “It was really amazing, and I think I’m going to have to plan a trip to Israel at some point to see the rest of my family.”

Lea Michele Realizes A Dream At Coachella

For throwback Thursday, Lea shared a picture from Coachella in which she got to meet one of her greatest heroes, Guy Fieri.

“If you know me than you’ll know that meeting @guyfieri was one of the greatest moments of my life..#fangirling,” Ms. Michele wrote on Instagram.

It seems odd that Lea would cite meeting the chef as one of the greatest moments in her life, considering that the Scream Queens actress practices a vegan lifestyle. Michele may have broken her vegan pact however, because, shortly following her attendance at Coachella, Ms. Michele was spotted heading to the gym. The Scream Queens actress, who played Hester Ulrich in the series, seems eager to get back into shape, since she was spotted hitting two classes in one day with workout pal, Chauntal Lewis.

Ms. Michele was dressed in a pair of navy blue leggings and a matching tank top, which was low-cut and form fitting, but it was her tightly tied ponytail that seemed to suggest she was ready for some intensive cardio. Lea and Chauntal followed up the visit to the gym with yoga classes on the following day. It seems as though Lea Michele is eager to drop whatever pounds she may have packed on during her down time. Though it’s just speculation at this point, it may be possible that Ms. Michele is preparing for a return to Scream Queens.

Also likely is the possibility that Ryan Murphy has been recruiting Lea for a spot in one of his other shows. As the new seasons emerge, it may be possible to see Michele in a role on either American Horror Story or American Crime Story. Either way, it seems obvious Lea Michele wants to look her best in whatever role she happens to be cast in.

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