Beer drinkers sue to keep Bud Lite American

10 beer drinkers have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the Belgium takeover on Anheuser-Busch violates U.S. antitrust laws.

The suit, filed in Anheuser-Busch’s hometown of St. Louis is seeking no financial damages, asking only that a judge blocks the deal. Although the competition aspects may be considered by the Department of Justice, the plaintiffs what the deal stopped anyway, and are willing to spend money to achieve their goal.

The names of the beer drinkers have not been revealed, but the lawsuit notes only that they drink Anheuser-Busch and would be affected if the company raised prices post acquisition.

FoxNews tracked down one plaintiff, a Barry Ginsburg who said that he joined the suit because he is worried how the deal might affect his hometown of St. Louis, and that plaintiffs in the case care about more than paying a little extra for their beer.

“This is bigger than us,” Ginsburg said. “We all have a pretty good idea what happens when people have a monopoly, and when it’s a foreign company that has a monopoly.”