May 2, 2016
'Captain America: Civil War' - Black Panther And Spider-Man Finally Introduced To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain America: Civil War finally opens this week and reviews for the film have been out for nearly a month, giving the Marvel Studios movie nothing but praise. But many fans are especially looking forward to seeing two Marvel characters making their debut into the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther and Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

T'Challa/Black Panther and Peter Parker/Spider-Man both being in Captain America: Civil War provided the writers with an incredibly interesting situation. Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely already had Black Panther in the script when news broke that Marvel and Sony made a deal to share Spider-Man, with T'Challa supposedly representing the role Peter played in the original Civil War story arc in the comics. T'Challa was going to be standing in the middle of Captain America and Iron Man and their opposing ideologies, and this much was confirmed by the way Boseman was announced for the role.

'Captain America: Civil War' - Black Panther And Spider-Man Finally Introduced To The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Chadwick Boseman standing between Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in 2014. [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney]McFeely and Markus explained Black Panther's presence in the Captain America: Civil War script to Cinema Blend.
"Originally, T'Challa and T'Chaka were just the representatives of Wakanda, sort of the voice of other countries in the world going, 'You people are out of control,' and then to be aggrieved by possible Bucky actions. Frankly, just not have him be Black Panther yet. He's getting his own movie, you know. He's the prince of a country! That's pretty good for a movie. Maybe we get to play with Spider-Man and all that."
Black Panther is loyal to his home of Wakanda, regardless of whether or not he is on Team Iron Man or Team Cap. It seems as if he is only siding with Tony because it allows him to focus more easily on his mission: Bucky. Something truly terrible had to have happened in order for T'Challa to go against Wakanda's policy of isolation from the rest of the world. Introducing the character at this point makes sense, considering that Wakanda is the source of the rarest metal on Earth, Vibranium - what Cap's shield and Ultron's body is made up of. With Wakanda's efforts to stay off the radar, and not draw attention to itself, it doesn't seem illogical that no one knows of Black Panther's presence until now.
Chadwick Boseman's accent for the character hasn't really been revealed in any TV spots or trailers, perhaps minus one brief moment during one of these ads. But Boseman has revealed the research he did in order to find T'Challa's accent, studying a regional accent based on where the nation of Wakanda would be, if it existed in Africa.

"You know how comedians will do a small comedy club before you do the big show? I did an independent film called Message from the King, and I play a South African coming to L.A., a fish out of water story," Chadwick said. "So I used that as my small comedy club performance to find my dialect coach, to find my base for an authentic African dialect."

Creed director Ryan Coogler will be directing and co-writing Marvel's Black Panther film, which is set to be released in February of 2018. Black History Month may be even more eventful in 2018 than it was this year.

Spider-Man is the golden boy of Marvel Comics and minds all over the world were blown when it was announced that the web-slinger would be appearing in the MCU. But for many, Spidey has gotten a bit played out, given the five previous films that already exist, with the last two having been a reboot of the franchise beginning in 2012. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was received with mixed reviews and fans became more and more vocal about the idea of the character going to Marvel Studios. It turns out Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was already way ahead of us.

Marvel Studios has had a pretty amazing track record so far with their films, especially when it comes to capturing the spirit of the original source material. Therefor, the idea of Spider-Man now being in the MCU sounded like a fresh idea for many fans and introduced the very strong possibility that we will get to see an extremely accurate depiction of the character. Feige himself has already made it clear that Spider-Man needs to be a motormouth when he is battling his foes, and that's one aspect of the character that he says will be done right. Also, Marvel Studios is going to have complete creative control of the film, which pretty much guarantees that it's in good hands.

'Captain America: Civil War' - Black Panther And Spider-Man Finally Introduced To The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Holland attends the premiere of Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War'. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]Markus and McFeely had Peter Parker/Spider-Man written into the script even before the deal with Sony was made, with directors Joe and Anthony Russo hoping that things would work out in their favor. At first, many speculated on whether or not Spidey's appearance in the film was going to be a mere cameo, since some thought the character was added into the story at the last minute. But that isn't the case and according to those who have seen the film, the character gets a good 20-30 minutes of screen time in total. There are even more glimpses of him being shown in TV spots.
The character works perfectly in the film, according to those who have seen it, and Tom Holland's performance has been praised by critics as well as the Civil War cast. Both Black Panther and Spider-Man are going to be getting their MCU introduction with this film, before they star in their respective solo films. Spider-Man will be up first, with Spider-Man: Homecoming set to be released July 7, 2017. It's safe to assume that these two characters will be some of the most-talked about aspects of the superhero film once it finally opens.

Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters on Friday, May 6.

[Image via Marvel Studios]