Prince’s Love Child Could Inherit His $300 Million Estate

Prince’s estimated $300 million estate is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, which will begin the process of determining the heir or heirs to his fortune. Since the music legend’s death, there has been an overwhelming amount of claims from people insisting they are Prince’s long lost love child.

“We have received hundreds of calls, emails and letters from people claiming to be either a child of Prince’s or offspring of Prince’s father,” stated Heirs Hunters International, a company that investigates potential heirs to estates. “Obviously they all can’t be genuine claims,” Heirs Hunters added, “but we have established that at least two seem to be legitimate and will need further investigation.”

Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home in Minneapolis at the age of 57 on April 21. According to his sister, Tyka Nelson, he had no known will or trust. Prince was not married and did not have any publicly-known children. Without a wife or any children, Minnesota state law would dictate his estate to be divided up between his sister Tyka and his five half-siblings. If a child of Prince could be proven, the entire estate would likely go to Prince’s offspring, reported ABC News.

Tyka, who’s recently been seen with purple hair in honor of her brother, filed court documents stating Prince “has heirs who identities and addresses need to be determined.”

Prince’s estate is currently in a temporary trust until a judge decides the fate of his substantial fortune.

“To prove whether you’re a love child could be an uphill battle,” Shar Mansukhani, co-owner of Heirs Hunters International, told Good Morning America.

Although there have been numerous claims from alleged heirs of Prince’s estate, one man’s story stood out from all the rest, launching an investigation from Heirs Hunters International.

“He was born in the ’80s and his mother crossed paths with Prince a couple times,” said co-owner John Hilbert of Heirs Hunters International.

Yahoo! also reported on a man who is claiming to share the same father as Prince, which would make him Prince’s half-brother and another possible heir to the multi-million dollar fortune. Heir Hunters believes the claim has enough merit to investigate.

Besides the possibility of Prince having other siblings, and potentially even children, there is also a granddaughter of another one of Prince’s half-brother’s who died years ago. Prince’s grandniece, who is still only a teenager, could inherit the portion her grandfather would have been entitled to had he still been alive. The young girl’s grandmother was contacted by ABC News, but she had no comment at this time.

More is at stake than just $300 million. Prince’s music has been topping the charts since his death. He is expected to join the ranks of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson who have earned billions of dollars after their untimely death.

Prince’s death still remains somewhat of a mystery. Initial reports of the cause for Prince’s death pointed towards the flu. There was also speculation of a drug overdose, which seems to go with the territory of being a rock superstar. The Inquisitr recently reported Prince’s personal chef revealed the music icon suffered from stomach and throat pain and never abused drugs. According to Rolling Stone, Prince’s autopsy reports are inconclusive and authorities are still waiting for the toxicology report.

With Prince’s massive fortune on the line, and more potential heirs of Prince’s estate surfacing, the court battle could be long, complicated and ugly.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]