Top 5 Male Enhancing Body Garments, From Butt Pads To MantyHose

Correction Regarding Junk Jeans: This post originally claimed that Junk Jeans included a male enhancement cod-piece and that the company was creating a male enhancement website. According to an email we received from the company the design is only described for illustration purposes as a “cod-piece” so men can understand its contoured design. Junk Jeans has also never claimed to be creating a male enhancement store. Please see the section below on Junk Jeans for an accurate description of the clever product.

Male enhancing body garments have allegedly gone from niche items to reasonable and respectable shape enhancers sold in major department stores around the world. The top 5 ways to shape, shift, lift and tuck the male attributes range from the mundane to the unusual in the world of spandex undergarments. The male enhancing body garments will either invoke laughter or an immediate desire to reach for the credit card and do little online shopping.

Junk Jeans – According to the company the jeans prevent a mans anatomy from being flattened due to poor consideration in construction. The jeans are built with a contour sewn into the fly/crotch area. If you don’t need to “enhance” your package but want to keep it from uncomfortable flattening be sure to check them out.

Butt Enhancing Boxer Briefs – The $48 price tag may make this male enhancing undergarment one of the most expensive, but appears to actually produce the desired results in both the front and back – according to the images of the male model showcasing his Butt Enhancing Boxer Briefs results on the Undergear website.

The Original Ball Lifter – The name of the male enhancement body garment is pretty self explanatory. The product costs approximately $20 per pair. The Original Ball Lifter claims to be the male equivalent of a push-up bra.

Ball Lifting Swimwear – The male bikini bottoms and swim trunks are infused with a patented Ball-Lifter technology which claims to make wearing swimming trunks and Speedo style bikini bottoms far more comfortable and attractive.

Mantyhose – The male version of pantyhose are perhaps one of the newest male enhancing undergarments available. According to the Mantyhose mission statement, the company recognizes that pantyhose on men are still an “unusual” look but feels Mantyhose are a great way to “decorate” the legs while providing warmth, additional performance and comfort. Perhaps Manythose should come with a bottle of clear nail polish and instructions on how to fix pantyhose runs to keep male pantyhose wearers from looking messy during an important meeting or while on a big dinner date.