Six Flags ‘The Joker’: 4-D Coaster Test Ride Footage Featuring Test Dummies Released Online

Are you ready to ride “The Joker” at Six Flags?

Even though “The Joker” is not open to the general public yet, you can still get a taste of the Six Flags experience thanks to a recently released footage of a test drive. The video was captured at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park in New Jersey, according to the Huffington Post.

The footage provides viewers with a front-row, first-passenger perspective of Six Flags’ “The Joker.” It is true that it is likely nothing like the real thing, but it truly is the next best thing next to an actual ride on the free fly roller coaster. The test drive was conducted with several test dummies. According to the report, one of the test dummies had a GoPro camera strapped directly to its chest for Wednesday’s test run.

As seen in the footage, the test drive started with an epic 12-story climb on a 90-degree lift — building anticipation and excitement for the amazing thrill ride to follow. At one point, you can see the test dummies flipping several times in mid-air with their feet flipping toward the sky.

Key details about Six Flags’ “The Joker” were posted on the amusement park’s official website — including a brief description of what will happen during the thrill ride from start to finish.

“The ride will be the most unique and intense attraction in park history, featuring one-of-a-kind magnetic technology and unique swiveling vehicles to deliver a sensation you’ve never experienced before. On this new unbelievable adventure, you’ll soar outside the confines of the track in wing cars facing other riders. You’ll take an elevator-style lift straight up 120 feet in the air. When you reach the top, you’ll begin to tumble head-over-heels, free-falling down two beyond 90-degree raven drops and experiencing at least six weightless flips.”

Six Flags’ “The Joker” is currently scheduled to be open for the general public on Memorial Day Weekend. Therefore, the anticipation being built up by this test drive footage will have to suffice until then.

the six flags by my house is creating this new rollercoaster based off of the joker look how scary and cool it looks

— lyss (@svetlanasdildo) April 17, 2016

However, according to the company’s website, there is a way that Six Flags guests can receive early access to “The Joker.” By purchasing a season pass, active Six Flags members will be able to ride “The Joker” as an exclusive incentive before the ride is opened to the general public.

“The Joker” is definitely not the only ride at Six Flags that is bound to draw excitement from guests and active members with the summer months quickly approaching — others include Bizarro, Dare Devil Dive, El Diablo, El Toro, Skull Mountain, and the Slingshot.

Just got off #nitro @SixFlags NJ hitting up #batman next! Get at me????????????????

— FredEFuego (@FredEFlame) April 23, 2016

Six Flags’ “The Joker” thrill ride will actually be joining a growing collection of roller coasters and rides named after DC-related superheroes — including Batman, Green Lantern and Superman. With the highly-anticipated release of Suicide Squad also happening this summer, it should be a solid season for both DC Comics and Six Flags – especially for fans, lovers, and critics of Batman and the Joker.

[Image Credit: Adobe Stock]