May 1, 2016
American Woman Warns Against Airbnb, Claims Airbnb Host Seduced Her Husband Of 30 Years, Is Now Getting Divorced

An American tourist says that there are hidden dangers associated with using Airbnb for booking your travel accommodations. The anonymous woman claims that her marriage of 30 years ended due to a seductive Airbnb hostess. The woman say that she used Airbnb to book a room in New Zealand but says that she got much more than she bargained for when the intrusive host began chatting up her husband.

Airbnb touts itself on creating #OneLessStranger in your world by introducing you to hosts around the globe. The company says that when creating Airbnb they wanted to create something completely unique by providing consumers with "comfort and community" no matter how far away from home they go. This was where the idea of #OneLessStranger began.

"At Airbnb, we are more than just a way to find and list places to stay. What we actually provide is a unique kind of hospitality–a sense of belonging and comfort and community no matter how far from home you may be. Every time an Airbnb host welcomes a traveler, they are able to instill this belonging in someone new…. These hosts are making the world a more connected and better place, one less stranger at a time. And they've been doing it since the very first days of Airbnb."

However, it seems that one husband took the "one less stranger" idea to a whole new level by ditching his wife of 30 years to begin a relationship with his single hostess. The New Zealand Herald reports that one American tourist is not happy with her recent Airbnb stay. The woman claims that a 30-year marriage was destroyed after an Airbnb host seduced her husband. The tourist says that some women are using Airbnb as a "twisted form of internet dating" and that married women should be leery of booking any services through the website. The woman says that she knew something was off when the hostess seemed overly "solicitous" during their stay in Auckland, New Zealand.

"Our host was a single middle-aged woman who was unusually solicitous and intrusive during our stay, calling periodically to ask if everything was all right and even asking to come by to make sure that the cleaning ladies were doing a good job."
The tourist says that her husband arrived to the accommodation a few days before her and had expressed his feelings that the hostess seemed like a "needy and sad" woman. He told his wife that she had provided details of her past relationships as well as freely offering up personal details about herself. The woman says that she initially believed her husband's assessment that she was just needy, but soon learned that the hostess had nefarious plans.The woman's husband was scheduled to remain in the Airbnb home for an additional week after the woman returned to the United States. The wife says she initially didn't think anything of the extended stay noting that she believed her husband when he said he found the woman "sad and needy." However, upon his return to the United States, the wife learned that her husband had gotten to know the host much better and that he had committed an affair.
"I thought our marriage was imperfect but solid. My husband and I are now in the midst of a divorce, and he and our Airbnb host are still in a relationship."
She says the whole thing was shocking, but what was most surprising was the fact that the pair maintained their relationship after the husband returned to the United States. The woman says that she is now going through a divorce with her husband of 30 years all because of a seductive Airbnb host who used the platform to land a new man. She goes on to say that she believes that her experience is not uncommon so she wants to warn other women about the potential dangers to utilizing the service that promises to make #OneLessStranger in the world with each stay.

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