Tianna Lynn Decamp: Woman Wrongly Accusing Sikh Man Of Terrorism, Has Troubled History With The Law

Recently, The Inquisitr reported that a Sikh man who had been detained after he was suspected by a passenger of terrorism is filing a complaint with Texas law enforcement agencies “demanding that criminal charged be brought against individuals who falsely accused Mr. Sing of making a bomb threat and [against those who] unlawfully restrained him on a bus” with the help of The Sikh Coalition.

The man is Mr. Daljeet Singh from India, who was apparently on his way to start a new life in Indianapolis, Indiana, after being granted asylum.

The fake terrorism incident took place on February 21, on a Greyhound bus after a stop in Amarillo, where he was detained by two passengers after Tianna Lynn Decamp said that he was speaking Arabic with another person, referring to a bomb and “acting weird.”

One tweet however, revealed that the woman, who Mr. Singh says falsely accused him, might already have a bit of a criminal history herself.

The Google links show more than a few consistent reports, one for Rudolph County, Indiana, and another for Maricopa, Arizona.

The Sikh Coalition article links to a pdf file of Mr. Singh’s full statement, where he describes the incident that led to the terrorism accusation in full detail.

In his statement, he details when he was confronted by two aggressive passengers, Anthony Lamar Lillie and Kelly Michael Morris.

Once we sat down, two African American males approached and began speaking to us aggressively; I believe they were cursing at us. I understood the word “bitch” in English being uttered against me. I did not understand what else they said, but I suspected from their gestures that we may have inadvertently sat in their seats, so I told Mohammad that we should change seats.

The African American males and several other passengers then began to take photos of me and record videos of me. They were speaking aggressively, but I could not understand what they were saying. The only word I understood in English was “bitch,” which they repeated several times. Approximately 15 minutes after the bus departed Amarillo, the driver stopped the bus on the side of the road. I did not know why we stopped.

Soon after the bus stopped, I received a phone call from a family member, but the two African American passengers physically prevented me from answering my phone. I tried to call an English-speaking family member to help me communicate with them, but the men prevented me from using my phone. I attempted to get out of my seat, but the men restrained me and did not allow me to move from my seat.

Initially, before the incident and during the trip, Mr. Singh says in his statement that he had never been on a Greyhound bus before, and since he does not speak or understand English, he called family members on his cell in order to feel more at ease.

Greyhound Bus in San Diego

Soon after that, he met another man named Mohammad Chotri, who happened to speak a variation of Punjabi and who had also been granted asylum, who as well as accused by Tianna before he too was detained for being a terrorist.

According to the site Jailbase, the woman making the accusation had been arrested and booked for shoplifting in Maricopa Arizona on the first of February, twenty days before the incident on the bus.

An operator speaking on behalf of the facility through the site stated that “they’re no longer in our custody,” but would not provide information as to when Tianna DeCamp was released since the information is not public.

The driving distance from Maricopa to Phoenix — from where Mr. Singh took the bus — is 32 miles and an average of 40 minutes time to get there.

Decamp appears to have abandoned her Facebook account in frustration last year, and left an incendiary message behind using language we cannot publish here, but her Facebook page does show another post from 2013 where she was apparently also detained in Illinois.

Tianna Decamp arrested in 2013.

A further look at her account shows that some who are directly related to Tianna and have closer connections have posted and/or shared anti-Islamic memes, especially within a week’s time that the incident reportedly took place,.

According to a NBC affiliate My High Plain, the county attorney says that an investigation into the woman who made the terrorism accusation is ongoing, but if there’s no proof that her intentions were willingly false, then it would be hard to prosecute.

[image by Tom Pullins via Randolph County, Indiana]