May 1, 2016
'Captain America: Civil War' Star Elizabeth Olsen: 'I Just Want To Disappear Into A Wall'

Elizabeth Olsen is unlike many other actresses her age in that she embraces modesty, resists participating in the social media craze, and tries to live a low-key lifestyle, so opening herself up in the occasional interview provides fans with a rare insight into Olsen's lifestyle and personality. The Captain America: Civil War actress talked recently about her own stubbornness, when it comes to joining social media sites and about her own unique outlook on being an actress in Hollywood.

Elizabeth Olsen Keeps Things Low-Key And Modest, Making Her One Of The Most Unrecognized Stars In Hollywood

The Captain America: Civil War actress roams around town in a subdued look, dressing down whenever possible and wearing an unremarkable trenchcoat to keep from drawing attention to herself. Olsen reveals that she does this because she likes to be transparent and suggests she would do this, even if she weren't a well-known actress. Elizabeth wants to control when she's recognized and when even her most loyal fans can walk past her and not recognize the Godzilla star.

"A lot of the time in my life, I try not to take up space—I just want to disappear into a wall," says 27-year-old Olsen. "And then eventually, when I'm around people I feel confident with, I'll take up more space."

Speaking of taking up more space, Elizabeth shares what she looks for in a role and she describes her thoughts on the matter in a way which would seem to imply a very simple outlook on Olsen's decision-making process.

"The only thing I care about is if the team is great, the script is good and the character is someone I can connect to in my gut. After that, it's just a fun f-----g job," says Olsen.

As Ms. Olsen began her climb to fame, she found that people were talking about her as the next big thing, or the newest fresh face to draw attention in Hollywood, but the Captain America: Civil War actress says she paid little attention to such gossip. Instead, Elizabeth was more focused on developing her career and continuing the streak of work that she saw coming her way.

"I don't have any regrets — I was just so happy to be working — but I was forcing myself not to give power to the system," says Olsen. "But the system does have power, and I've learned how to use it. It's smarter than to ignore it."

Captain America: Civil War Star Elizabeth Olsen Is Still Holding Out Against Social Media

Even early in her career, Elizabeth has been adamant in holding out against joining any social media sites. In fact, she has said in previous interviews that any online profiles fans might discover are most certainly fakes because she has absolutely no online presence. While Olsen says she's been advised that a large following on social media sites can only help her career, Elizabeth points out that many actresses have not engaged in the online communities, yet their careers have not suffered.

"I just have an old-school mindset," admits Ms. Olsen. "Also, girls I look up to, like Jennifer Lawrence, Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander, don't have it, and it hasn't affected their careers remotely."

Olsen adds that her personal life and the quality of her time off is far more important to her than trying to establish herself as a brand. Elizabeth says she engages in Hollywood games only because acting is her chosen profession, but she has no interest in indulging in the fame that normally accompanies the lifestyle.

"I'd rather live as private a life as I can. I'm not trying to be a mysterious person, but I'd rather be seen as an actor from job to job," says Ms. Olsen. "I've never lived my life trying to be an influencer; I'm happy keeping my own opinions for fun dinner conversation."

[Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]