‘Mystery Girl’ And ‘Vikings Fan’ Find Love: University Of Wisconsin Students Watch Love Story Unfold On Snapchat

Hundreds of University of Wisconsin students were glued to Snapchat, incessantly refreshing their feed in a bid to see what was happening between “Mystery Girl” and “Viking Fan.” The Snapchat love story began when a student confessed her love via Snapchat of a guy she saw wearing a Viking’s shirt in a university snap story. She told the male student, “I love you, Find me” in the 10-second clip that would go viral. The events that unfolded next were seemingly out of the script from a made-for-TV romantic comedy.

The Tab reports that a Snapchat geofilter story went viral after a female student declared her love for a guy she saw in a featured campus snap story. The girl saw a guy wearing a Vikings shirt in a campus snap story and decided to tell him exactly how she felt. She declared her love for him and challenged him to come “find her” if he felt the same way.

“Guy wearing the Vikings jersey on the UW snap story, I’m seriously in love with you. Find me.”

After seeing the message, “Vikings Fan” created a Snapchat of his own telling the “Mystery Girl” to meet him at the Discovery Center at 8:30 p.m., noting that if she saw the video and met him it was most definitely fate. Unfortunately, Mystery Girl didn’t see the Snapchat in time and missed the 8:30 p.m. time slot telling her mystery lover that she was sorry she missed his first Snapchat and that “if it was fate” they could find each other tonight. She noted that she would let him know later via SnapChat where she would be.

The conversations continued on the public geofilter with a number of other University of Wisconsin students getting involved in the chatter, trying to ensure that the pair were able to finally meet each other in person. Some students gave Vikings Fan advice and a list of reasons not to stand-up Mystery Girl that night, telling him to get out of the Discovery Center and find that girl. Ultimately, the Mystery Girl would reveal that she was headed to a bar called the KK and wanted to meet Vikings fan there.

Snapchat was immediately abuzz with people demanding that Vikings Fan make his way to the bar now. Students followed the love story until the very end, many noting that they were refreshing their screen every second in a bid to see Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl meet for the first time. Some students made their way to the KK to film the encounter. Finally, after hours of anticipation, University of Wisconsin students saw the pair’s first encounter.

The couple hugged upon first meeting, and students around UW breathed a sigh of relief. The ultimate Snapchat love story had come full circle with the couple having a “great night,” according to another pair of students at the bar. Many of those who had been following the story even woke up in the middle of the night to check the status of the couple. Others noted that they were placing bets on whether or not Mystery Girl and Vikings Fan would get married.

With all of the talk of the pair on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, it seems that many viewers found their love story more interesting than the Bachelor, noting “that’s how you find love.” What do you think of the modern-day love story between Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl?

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