Amy Duggar King’s Husband, Dillon: ‘Yes, We’re Planning Kids’

Amy Duggar King’s husband revealed Sunday that the couple do have plans for adding to their family. He says the pair will have kids at some point in the future. The couple are currently in L.A., reportedly filming for some mystery project — some project that they’re hinting at, but keeping the details quiet. Something else they’ve kept quiet about, so far, is how many kids they plan to have.

Jim Bob Duggar and his sister, Deanna, took rather different directions when it came to family planning. While Jim Bob had 19 children, and raised them in a fundamentalist religious sect, Deanna had only one child — Amy Duggar. Several of Jim Bob’s kids have expressed an intent to follow in their parents’ shoes, going forth and multiplying. Amy, however, has pursued other plans.

She has attempted a career as a country singer, and has taken on paid product endorsements.

Since marrying Dillon King, she also helps run his business.

Viewers have wondered about how different Amy’s plans might be from the rest of the Duggar women. While Jim Bob Duggar’s daughters are encouraged to be “modest,” marry, and raise children, Amy King’s options were a bit more open.

Amy has spoken about her feelings about Josh’s behavior, and she may have some resentment about the fact that her cousins are only allowed to associate with her on strict terms. Her husband, Dillon King, has also spoken disparagingly of the Duggar family’s life of reality stardom.

“I married into the Duggar family that doesn’t mean I don’t have a job.”

If Amy was that disenchanted with Jim Bob Duggar’s choices and lifestyle, might she even decide to have no kids at all?

Amy appeared to drop a hint back in December.

However, five months later, she hasn’t said anything else about it, other than to share memes that joke about not being prepared for motherhood.

On Sunday, though, Dillon King responded to a comment on his Instagram, and gave a short answer to a fan who wondered if the couple would have children.

Amy Duggar King and husband Dillon plan kids

Fan: Are u guys going to have kids do u think?
Dillon: One day we will.

King didn’t have to offer a response, and could have offered a vague “maybe” or “we don’t know yet,” or even said, “We’ll let God decide.” Instead, he gave an absolute yes, just with an indefinite time period. However, he did answer another fan on his social media page in early April, declaring that Amy is not currently pregnant.

Amy Duggar King is not pregnant.

Fan: Is Amy [pregnant]? Just wondering.
Dillon: Nope.

That seems to put to rest any fan theories that Amy and Dillon King’s secret filming trip is a special pregnancy episode for Counting On — along with the fact that Amy and Dillon have said they won’t be appearing on the latest Duggar reality show.

Perhaps instead, Amy is attempting another music video?

Amy did speak about her plans for babies back in October, telling Us Weekly that she isn’t in any hurry, and that her Duggar cousins were shocked to learn she wasn’t rushing to get pregnant on her honeymoon.

“They were…almost upset, you know? [We’re] definitely not planning anything, not anytime soon.”

Though he didn’t reveal a timeline, Dillon’s comments make it sound as though he and Amy are definitely making plans. However, whenever the couple has kids, they won’t be aiming for 19. In the Us Weekly story linked above, Amy also assured the interviewer that they have enough children in their life that they don’t feel like they’re missing anything.

“We don’t want a lot of kids.”

One thing’s for sure: whenever Amy Duggar King does have kids, they’ll have plenty of cousins to play with.

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