May 1, 2016
Leah Messer Wants Off Of 'Teen Mom 2,' Reality Star Tired Of Criticism And Rumors

Leah Messer has been dubbed the "bad guy" this season on Teen Mom 2. She is getting plenty of hateful comments and emails, with some fans even going as far as confronting her in public. Things haven't always been easy for Messer since she began filming 16 & Pregnant. The last seven years have been trying, filled with ups and downs. Despite all of this pressure, Leah Messer has remained intact for the most part. She did spend some time in rehab for depression, but returned home after just a month of treatment. After all of that, Messer is ready to walk away from Teen Mom 2 after this season because of the intensity she has experienced this time around.

The latest accusations Leah Messer is facing have to do with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Teen Mom 2 showed a meeting between the exes from several months ago where it appeared they both may have wanted to reconcile. Despite the meeting and the attempt of possible reconciliation, nothing happened. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer is contemplating her life without Jeremy Calvert. She insists she does not want a relationship with her ex-husband, but it seems that there may be something still there between them. Calvert is currently in a serious relationship with Brooke Wehr and has been off and on with her for several months.

This has caused a lot of tension between Leah Messer and Brooke Wehr. In fact, several Messer fans have taken to social media to bash Jeremy Calvert's new woman. Many of them have accused her of being the other woman at one point, though that has never been the case. Calvert met Wehr after his divorce from Messer was final last summer.

Several rumors have been running rampant about these two, and most of them have very little truth mixed in. Messer was upset when the Teen Mom 2 conversation aired because the editing made it appear that she was the only one interested in a possibly rekindling of romance. She insists it went both ways, but Calvert has not spoken out about the meeting and the intentions behind it.

All of this drama is taking a huge toll on Leah Messer. In fact, it is so bad there have been talks of quitting the show. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer is considering walking away from the franchise. She has been filming for seven years, and it may be time to walk away completely. There was talk that Jeremy Calvert would be quitting after Season 7 was finished and talking Addie along with him. He has been fed up with being linked to Messer and being known from the show. A normal life isn't possible when you're linked to chaos, and Calvert is done with it all. There is some speculation that Messer cannot walk away due to stipulations in her contract, though that has not been confirmed or denied.

Teen Mom 2 will continue airing with Leah Messer for the rest of Season 7. There are a few more episodes and then the reunion will air. It was taped last weekend, and Messer was able to celebrate her birthday with her friends. All of the moms were in attendance, though some of the fathers remained at home. Messer did have Addie with her, and it appears she enjoyed spending time in Los Angeles with her friends.

Despite all of the negativity and harsh remarks made about Messer, doing Teen Mom 2 has helped her immensely. Nothing is set in stone right now, but it appears that if things don't change and Leah Messer isn't given some slack, she will be quitting the show and moving out of the spotlight for good.

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