Weekend Box Office: 'Captain America: Civil War' Opens Huge Overseas While 'The Jungle Book' Dominates Domestically


Disney's The Jungle Book has been in theaters for three weeks now, and it is continuing to dominate the box office as its total gross just continues to grow. Now that it is May, it's going to have some competition and it will come from none other than Disney. Captain America: Civil War has now opened overseas, and it has already pulled in more than $200 million with a good five days until it even hits theaters in the United States.

There was no doubt that Civil War would do well at the box office, but not even Walt Disney Studios may have expected this strong overseas opening.

Superhero Hype is reporting that the new Marvel flick opened internationally and brought in an estimated $200.2 million from 37 territories (63 percent of the international market). With the May Day holiday coming on Monday in numerous markets, numbers are expected to rise.

There were records broken for all-time industry opening weekends in Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico. Not only is Civil War opening in North America this weekend, but it will also premiere in Italy on May 4, Russia and Argentina on May 5, and China on May 6. Other countries such as Croatia, Czech Rep, Greece, Hungary, Lebanon, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, New Zealand, India, Trinidad and Uruguay are also about to see it open.

On 205 overseas IMAX screens, Captain America: Civil War has brought in $9.6 million, which is far above what they were expecting. There will be another 750 IMAX screens opening for the film when it debuts in North America and other locations around the world.

For now, though, The Jungle Book owned the domestic box office this weekend with an estimated $42.439 million in its third full weekend. Box Office Mojo shows that no-one is even close to coming close to the Disney hit as second place was The Huntsman: Winter's War, which brought in just $9.39 million over the weekend.

There were three film premieres that fell in the top 10, and none of them even approached The Jungle Book. Actually, Keanu, Mother's Day, and Ratchet & Clank didn't even match Disney's giant when combining their three weekend totals.

Full domestic box office weekend numbers for April 29 through May 1 (estimated):

  1. The Jungle Book - $42.3 million
  2. The Huntsman: Winter's War - $9.39 million
  3. Keanu - $9.35 million
  4. Mother's Day - $8.3 million
  5. Barbershop: The Next Cut - $6.1 million
  6. Zootopia - $5.0 million
  7. Ratchet & Clank - $4.8 million
  8. The Boss - $4.25 million
  9. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - $3.8 million
  10. Criminal - $1.32 million
Full numbers will be out on Monday.

Jungle Book movie 2016 box office
[Image via Disney]

That total has helped The Jungle Book get closer to $700 million worldwide in just three weeks of its release.

If things continue as they're currently going, Walt Disney Studios could end up having three films in the Top 10 of the domestic weekend box office this week. Zootopia is holding strong domestically, as well, as it approaches $1 billion worldwide.

Captain America: Civil War is going to tell a lot about the DC vs. Marvel comic book movie fight. With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice looking like it won't even hit $900 million worldwide, many believe that Civil War could shatter that number in just a couple of weeks.

In order to reach the domestic box office record, Civil War is going to have to beat out another Marvel film, as The Avengers still sits on top. In 2012, it brought in $623.357 million domestically, and ended with $1.5 billion worldwide.

The Jungle Book is very deserving of its high total at the box office, and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down. Well, it won't slow down through any fault of its own. Next weekend, it will have the domestic competition from Captain America: Civil War, and it certainly appears as if Marvel and Disney's next film is already heading to numerous broken records.

[Image via Marvel]