Tricia Todd Search Update: Police Say Missing Florida Mother Could Have Been Victim Of Foul Play

The search for Tricia Todd is growing this weekend, with authorities saying they now fear foul play in the case of the missing mom.

The Air Force veteran and Florida resident was reported missing on Wednesday when she failed to pick up her 2-year-old daughter. A police search turned up Todd’s car in a neighbor’s driveway, with Todd’s purse still inside the car and her keys in the ignition. Todd’s wallet and cell phone were missing, Fox News reported.

A widespread search for Tricia Todd has ensued, with sheriff’s deputies and a bloodhound team searching the ground while helicopter crews look for clues in the air. They are also investigating the possibility that Todd went missing at one of the nearby beaches.

“Marine Units are actively searching area beaches where Tricia was known to take early morning walks,” the sheriff’s office said.

Family said the disappearance of Tricia Todd is unusual and troubling, Fox News reported. She had dropped off her daughter with a former husband on Tuesday night, and it was out of character for Todd not to show up to pick up her daughter again, said her brother, Nathan Todd.

“You could put a hurricane through her, she would (still) go pick up her daughter,” Nathan Todd said.

Other family members said the situation appears dire, with some fearing the worst.

“Well, I’m very concerned. You know we don’t know if she’s alive or dead,” said her father, David Todd.

The search for Tricia Todd has centered on a wooded area near Dixie Highway and Water Street in Hobe Sound, with Fox 29 reporting that police have set up a mobile command center outside a water treatment plant. That was an area where Tricia liked to walk, family members said.

Police said they have not ruled out foul play in Todd’s disappearance. They believe one of three scenarios happened — either she decided to leave without being found, went for a walk or hike and became lost, or was the victim of foul play.

The search for Tricia Todd comes just days after another search ended with a miraculous recovery for two North Carolina women lost in New Zealand. Carolyn Lloyd and her daughter, Rachel, were found safe after the pair spent four frigid nights in the New Zealand bush after they became lost during a hike.

Rachel had graduated from North Carolina State University in December and is attending Massey University in New Zealand. Her mother visited this week, and the two decided to go for a hike in Tararua Forest. The two women lost their way in the park, the New York Daily News reported, and ended up spending four nights in the wilderness, where temperatures dipped to below 40 degrees at night.

Family members said Carolyn Lloyd carried her daughter, who became too weak to walk after a few days.

“My wife was frightened to death. She stayed awake all night and held my daughter to keep her warm,” Carolyn’s husband, Barry Lloyd, told the New Zealand Herald.

The pair were eventually spotted after they used bushes and rocks to spell out “HELP” in the forest. Authorities said their survival was something of a miracle, as the New Zealand bush is notoriously rugged and difficult to navigate, even for experienced hikers.

“They’ve done all the right things. They’ve stayed together, they’ve conserved their heat, they’ve conserved their resources so they gave themselves the best chance possible,” Sergeant Anthony Harmer told the New Zealand Herald.

Anyone with information about the location of Tricia Todd is asked to call sheriff’s detectives at 772-220-7060.

[Image via Martin County Sheriff’s Office]