Employer Murder: Former Employee Kills 72-Year-Old Used Car Dealer

In North Carolina, the April 27th murder of 72-year-old Joseph Carl Wallace finds new light. According to reports, former employee Ambrose Dumone Murray allegedly had a hand in his demise.

According to Fayetteville Police, the employer was found dead at Quality Automotive — located at 1110 Pamalee Drive — on April 27, around 2:35 pm. WNCN-News reports that 48-year-old Murray was a former employee of Wallace and was a prime suspect in the murder.

After obtaining warrants, authorities located the murder suspect near North Pearl Street and arrested him, at approximately 7 pm, April 29. The source notes that the murder suspect was apprehended without incident. The murder suspect was processed and is being held at the Cumberland County Detention Center without bond.

Once booked, authorities stacked charges against the murder suspect, which include the following list:

  • first-degree murder
  • robbery with a dangerous weapon
  • larceny of a motor vehicle.

The source states as follows.

“Two cars were stolen from the dealership, a silver 2003 Toyota Camry and a black 2008 BMW 328i, police said. The Camry was found burned at the end of Squirrel Street on Tuesday, a day before Wallace’s body was found…The same BMW 328i stolen from the dealership was found in the 200 block of Person Street later on Saturday night.”

According to another report by WNCN-News, the source mentions the vehicles’ VIN numbers:

  • BMW — WBAWB33528P134134
  • Toyota — 4T1BE32K03U235940.

WRAL-News adds that independent dealer plates ID089251, ID089254, and ID108492 were also missing from the dealership. Fayetteville Police Lieutenant David McLaurin states that they announced information about the plates so that public awareness could help find the cars. The police spokesperson noted that the plates belonged to cars that should be on the lot.

The Fayetteville Observer mentions that the landlord of the automotive property became concerned when the employer had not shown up for four to five days. When the landlord when to check on him, he found the murder victim’s body in the facility.

While detectives have determined the victim’s death to be a homicide, the cause is still being investigated by the coroner’s office. The source says that the murder victim’s body has been sent to the N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. There, it is awaiting autopsy.


According to Asheville’s Citizen-Times, Joseph Wallace’s alleged killer, Ambrose, was previously convicted in connection with stolen vehicles. Reportedly, the same day his employment ended at Quality Automotive, he had stolen the same Camry on March 13. However, he was released. Likewise, in the past, Ambrose had stolen cars and had a similar record.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Joseph Wallace’s alleged murderer was released from prison on November 16, 2015 from theft charges for similar, aforementioned offenses.

The Fayetteville Observer notes as follows.

“In court documents, police said Murray admitted to still having the keys to Quality Automotive, but denied going to the business after March 13. The court documents also said Murray appeared to have many bruises and scrapes on him while being interviewed by police.”

The source notes that he’s still being held without bond. Too, there has been no confirmation whether he has an attorney.

The Inquisitr will update this story more as it develops. Until then, what are your thoughts about the murder suspect and victim? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

[Image via Fayetteville Police Department]