May 1, 2016
Lush Bath Bombs: People Throw Random Things In Tubs In 'Love My New Bath Bomb' Meme [Videos]

On Instagram, the hashtag #bathbomb enjoys a whopping 680,820 posts; but, not all of those bath bombs are the kind that folks buy from Lush, made from good-smelling ingredients that turn a bath into something lush.

However, the Lush bath bombs are being parodied, reports Yahoo News‎, and the publication says it is getting out of control on social media.

Perhaps you have owned one of the bath bombs from Lush. The bath bombs are designed to dissolve in a bath tub and leave a nice scent and coloring to make a bath an extra sensory experience.

Leave it to folks online to turn the videos of people throwing colorful bath bombs into their bath tubs into a funny, viral video meme on social media.

Instead of pretty and fizzing bath bombs that smell good and dissolve in the bath water, people are turning to Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and Facebook to show off videos of themselves throwing anything but bath bombs in their bathtubs.

There have been videos showing skateboards, Cheetos, a glass jar of pickles and other stuff into bathtubs. One guy even throws himself into the tub as a human bath bomb.

Some of the stunts seem dangerous, especially the bath bomb videos that show real glass being broken in a bathtub. Such a stunt would require the person conducting it to make sure that all traces of glass shards were removed after making the video and prior to anyone using the tub for a bath or a shower. The glass bath bombs might be funny, initially, but safer left undone.

It's not like the Internet is known for safety when it comes to some memes and challenges, like the viral "fire spray challenge" that found teens and tweens using a lighter or a lit match to create a flame thrower out of a flammable can of spray like Lysol or perfume.

The bath bomb video creators seem to want to outdo one another with the size and type of object being tossed in the tub. There is a video of a person tossing a bike into a bath tub as a huge bath bomb.

At the very least, at least some of the objects being used in the place of bath bombs are getting a good washing. However, here is hoping that metal objects like bikes get dried off pretty quickly before rusting due to moisture.

Some folks appear to throw light sabers or fake guns into their tubs. At least, the hope is that the guns are fake.

There are always the safe versions of bath bombs being thrown into tubs, like plastic bottles of mustard and ketchup.
One of the most popular bath bomb videos shows a watermelon being thrown into a tub.
Meanwhile, some of the real bath bombs, like the below one takes on the shape of a coffin, end up turning the bathwater black.Other jokesters are placing Ramen noodles in their baths to serve as bath bombs.With Lush bath bombs being described as those that can transform a bath into a fragrant experience -- infused with colors, oils, and other fascinating factors that make them a viral video topic -- the bath bomb makers likely never expected their bath bombs to create a viral sensation including anything but bath bombs being tossed into tubs.
"We take bath time seriously - seriously fun, that is. Settle in for a good soak with an original Lush invention, exploding with essential oils, flower petals and tons of fizzy fun. Whether you're after a relaxing, petal-laden floral soak or an invigorating multilayered explosion of color and scent, there's a bath bomb perfect for every bathing experience."
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