Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon Arrested For Smuggling A Dude Into The US

Colleen Shannon, a 2004 Playboy Playmate, was reportedly arrested for attempting to smuggle a man into the United States.

Shannon was busted trying to cross the border into the US from Canada with an unidentified male. His relationship to her is currently unknown, but some media outlets, such as the Examiner, have speculated that he might be her boyfriend. According to law enforcement officials, the 34-year-old blonde is currently being held in Clinton County Jail in Upstate New York, booked under a federal statute violation that prohibits “bringing in and harboring aliens.” If Shannon is convicted, it could cost her 10 years of her life in prison, reports TMZ.

According to her 2004 Playboy profile, Shannon, an Alaskan native, is turned-on by positivity and supportiveness while turn-offs include negativity and a bad kiss. She also shared a little bit about her philosophy on life.

“Everyone is put here to do something,” she said. “Your subconscious tells you the things that you love to do, but a lot of people put those things aside. I think if you stick to things you love, nine times out of 10, circumstances are going to go your way and you will live a happy life.”

MSN quiped, “Alas, it’s that 10th one that gets you every time.”

Too true.

Do you think that Colleen Shannon will beat the smuggling rap? Celebrities do usually avoid dramatic, life-altering consequences, right?