May 1, 2016
WWE Rumors: Last-Minute 'Payback' Speculation On Who Vince McMahon Will Choose To Run 'RAW'

One of the biggest things that could happen tonight at WWE Payback may not even take place in an actual match. Vince McMahon is set to make a gigantic announcement on Sunday night, and it is expected to include which one of his children will have control of Monday Night RAW. Shane McMahon has had it for the past three weeks, but it's possible that Stephanie McMahon and The Authority could be put back into power.

As reported on, McMahon is finally set to decide if it will be Shane or Stephanie that takes control of the flagship show of the company. While it does seem quite simple and something that would just merit a decision one way or another, there could be much more to it than everyone thinks.

For the past three weeks, Shane-O Mac has had control of RAW, and he's done a really good job with it, as booking has been quite fantastic. Still, Stephanie believes that she and Triple H should have control back in their hands.

wwe rumors payback vince mcmahon shane stephanie control raw
[Image via WWE]There are a lot of rumors going around as to what exactly could happen, and it's truly believed that tonight is when the WWE brand split will be brought back in. Cageside Seats is reporting that Vince will have one of his kids running RAW, and the other running SmackDown, but it's not yet known which will be which.

If this does end up turning into the return of the WWE brand split, it could be met with a bit of backlash from the fans. There was a reason that it was discontinued years ago, and the same mistakes simply can't be made if the company wants it to be successful.

One of the biggest issues would be the titles and how WWE handles them between two different brands. Josh Isenberg of WrestleZone is saying that going to more than one world title again would be a big mistake.

"There is a reason why they stopped doing this years ago. I think you can have the World, Women's and Tag Team Championships float on each show. You can split the IC and US Title on separate shows, but will this ultimately help talent? Vince needs to make a historic announcement, something that will make even the casual fan HAVE to tune into heading into the summer months."
According to Daily Wrestling News, Shane McMahon does want to stay on WWE television and the company does want to keep him around. It was originally thought that he would leave after WrestleMania 32, but the past few weeks have been fun for him, and he is looking to hang around a bit longer.

wwe rumors payback vince mcmahon shane stephanie control raw
[Image via WWE]Vince McMahon's announcement at Payback tonight will include who gets control of Monday Night RAW, but there is much more to it. Tonight's reveal could end up changing the face of WWE as fans currently know it, and alter the landscape of the whole company.

By the time Payback is over, there could be some new champions and some great matches may have taken place. Still, the focus is going to be on whatever Vince McMahon announces and which one of his kids he loves more.

There is going to be a lot that happens tonight at Payback, but the announcement coming from Vince McMahon could trump all of them. Shane McMahon or Stephanie McMahon will be given control of Monday Night RAW, and essentially all of WWE. This could lead to the brand split and maybe even the rumored WarGames, but it wouldn't be out of the question for the company to pull a sharp turn and swerve everyone.

[Image via WWE]