Dorinda Medley Admits John Mahdessian’s Apology To Bethenny Frankel Wasn’t Right

As she did last season on The Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda Medley has so far this season staunchly defended her boyfriend John Mahdessian when questioned by her co-stars over why she’s with him. Even when Bethenny Frankel said that she thought that John was using her and Ramona Singer claimed that John talked publicly about their sex life, Dorinda maintained that she and John love one another, that John treats her well, and that what others think don’t matter.

On a previous episode, John lashed out at Bethenny after he was informed that she was talking negatively about him at Dorinda’s bra party. He showed up to the event unexpectedly and angrily confronted Bethenny about what she said. He even began attacking Bethenny’s business, claiming that she stole the idea for her business name from a friend of his. Dorinda, on the verge of tears, made clear that she did not want John there and that she found his behavior embarrassing.

On the latest episode, John and Dorinda showed up to Bethenny’s birthday party and John, forced by Dorinda to do so, grudgingly apologized to Bethenny.

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In her latest Bravo blog post, posted on Friday, Dorinda admitted that John’s apology to Bethenny wasn’t quite what she wanted out of him. Yet Dorinda also made clear that not all of the fault lies with John. Dorinda believes that Bethenny could have behaved better towards John. As for why she and John attended Bethenny’s birthday party, Dorinda thought that it would give both John and Bethenny the opportunity to make things right and move forward. Yet the awkwardness and tension that prevailed between John and Bethenny ultimately made Dorinda wish that she and John hadn’t gone.

“Look, his apology attempt wasn’t done in the style I would have preferred; and Bethenny’s attempt at being gracious wasn’t done in the style I would have preferred either. It was like a lead balloon festival…crashes, burns, splats everywhere. Was I better off skipping the birthday party? Maybe. Here’s the thing: I like Bethenny, and I know she likes me. I thought it was an opportunity — and the right atmosphere — to try and put this behind us, graciously, make peace, and celebrate a fun day together. I was hoping to see everyone take the high road, but instead they took the low seats in the picnic section. I should’ve stuck with my intuition and not gone.”

When John and Dorinda showed up to Bethenny’s birthday party, Bethenny made a lot of negative and shocked comments over John’s presence. Bethenny thought it was ridiculous of Dorinda to bring John along considering the tense argument that she had with John just a few days prior. Yet it seems that Bethenny shouldn’t have been so surprised at John’s presence. Dorinda wrote in her blog that John went at Bethenny’s invitation.

“Look, it took some serious humbling for John to even go — at Bethenny’s invitation, let’s be clear — and then to apologize to her for the assault earlier in the week. I’ve said this before, so I’ll say it again since it bears repeating: John had no right, and it was truly out of line. So now he had to make up for it and be gracious and respectful.”

Yet according to Bethenny Frankel, she definitely made it clear to Dorinda Medley that she didn’t want John Mahdessian anywhere near her after what happened at the bra party. In her own blog post, posted right after the latest episode aired on Wednesday, Bethenny wrote that she made clear that John was not welcome at her birthday party. As for John’s apology, Bethenny doesn’t think it’s sincere. Bethenny also explained why she reacted so intensely when John spoke of her business.

“Last week he attacked my personal life and the business that I created from scratch when I was broke. This is when I become like a lion protecting its young. Now, two days later, she, in my opinion, mistakenly brings him to my birthday party. He, in my opinion, mistakenly comes. The sight and presence of him was too much for me. I didn’t want him there. I made that clear. I didn’t buy his apology.”

Despite her co-stars’ disapproval, Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian are still going strong. They just enjoyed a romantic Caribbean cruise. John posted photos of him and Dorinda relaxing and having fun during their vacation. In one photo, he called himself the “luckiest man alive” to be with Dorinda.

Dorinda also posted lots of photos of the trip. For one photo, she included the hashtag “#LoveIsLove.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dorinda and Bethenny got into a bit of a Twitter feud over Bethenny’s comments about John. Dorinda called Bethenny’s comments about John and her relationship with him “b******t.”

Will John Mahdessian show up to the Season 8 The Real Housewives of New York City reunion show alongside Dorinda Medley? Considering his drama with Bethenny Frankel and the other cast members’ strong opinions of him, it would be surprising if he doesn’t.

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