May 1, 2016
WWE News: Update On Bayley's 'Injury' At WWE NXT Tapings

For those that follow the NXT TV tapings, something pretty severe took place that had all of the WWE Universe looking at social media accounts across the world. At the tapings, Bayley worked a match with Nia Jax at some point in the night, and disaster struck to one of Bayley's limbs. It was rumored all night during the tapings that she sustained an ACL injury. Pictures were snapped of her grabbing at her knee and the trainers looking at her.

Like WWE NXT has done recently in previous evenings, they have worked the fans into believing someone was hurt. Finn Balor is a great example of that. He sold a foot injury, but wasn't actually hurt. It's a common practice that's been done for decades, but NXT officials have decided to do it more consistently. Does it add to the storyline? Perhaps, if done correctly. However, one thing can be done too much until it becomes cumbersome.

This all comes after the WWE has been dealing with way too many injuries at this point. The list was reduced by one man after Sting announced his official retirement. Seth Rollins, John Cena, Randy Orton and many others were already on the injured list. Having Bayley succumb to an injury is not what the WWE needs at the moment.

All WWE fans can rest well, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Bayley's injury isn't quite the injury WWE fans believed it to be.

"The Bayley knee injury at the NXT tapings this week was an angle and she's not actually hurt, according to the Observer."
This is exceptional news for any WWE fan, as well as the WWE NXT Creative team. While the women's division is deep, they can't afford to lose Bayley just yet. She isn't going up to the WWE main roster right now, even though she'd be just as over as Sasha Banks. Bayley will likely get a rematch against Asuka before she gets called up.

A few months ago, Bayley, the former-NXT Women's champion, talked about getting called to the main roster and her aspirations altogether.

"Sometime this year would be cool, but I also said that last year," she laughs. "I'm not really in a rush with how good NXT is going. I'm at the top right now as NXT champion and we're traveling the world.

"I'm getting to be a part of NXT for their first time in many parts of the country. I'm happy that I'm here, but the ultimate dream is to be on the main roster. When that happens, I'll be ready."
Due to her injury being just a work, they have time to build up the younger talent in WWE NXT with Bayley, just like Sami Zayn did for Shinsuke Nakamura. No, the former IWGP Intercontinental champion isn't young, but he was a new star that needed put over even more than he already was. Zayn was the perfect guy to do that.

Now, it's Bayley's turn to build stars like Peyton Royce, Tessa Blanchard, Nia Jax, Eva Marie, and Dana Brooke. In fact, Brooke would be a great NXT Women's champion after Asuka finishes her reign of dominance. She's a great worker who has gotten better every year. Plus, she has the look of a phenomenal heel for the future.

WWE NXT: Dana Brooke and Emma
The NXT Women's Division is going strong, including heels Dana Brooke and Emma (image via WWE).

Bayley is a special talent that can't be ignored, especially how the WWE Creative team handles her WWE debut. She hasn't even had a taste of the main stage, which is probably a good thing. Her debut needs to be a surprise and it must make an impact. Since Banks and Becky Lynch are faces, the only person to debut Bayley against is Charlotte.

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