May 1, 2016
TNA News: TNA Wrestling Owes Former TNA Stars Bobby Roode And Eric Young Around $100,000

TNA Wrestling has been the subject of various rumors for months. When they first began openly taking on investors, many knew the true meaning behind this. They needed money, and they needed it badly. TNA will tell you that financial woes are not a problem and that talent is perfectly happy right now. I guess that is why most all of their TNA Originals have left the company, right? Regardless, it does look like TNA will at least be selling 49 percent of their company to someone. Right now, it simply unknown who they will go with.

The Harris brothers have been linked as potential partners and even Sinclair Broadcasting, parent company of Ring of Honor, has been rumored to have some interest. It was rumored last year that although Panda Energy is still on the books at the owner of TNA, they are no longer throwing a lot of money at the company and want it to stand out on its own. They have not been able to do so, and it seems that Americans at least are not taking to the product.

TNA is on their third television deal in the last two years. It is said Pop TV is not happy with TNA, and very well could drop them if ratings don't improve. Knowing all of this, it should come as no shock that TNA owes and has owed former stars a lot of money. According to David Hero, who has had a working relationship with TNA over the last number of years, it seems as if TNA owns both Bobby Roode and Eric Young around $100,000 combined.

Bobby Roode
[Image via WWE]Hero told the Pro Wrestling Report the following.
"Bobby Roode and Eric Young left because they were owed a combined six figures."
He continued as follows.
"How do you not pay these two guys? You let Bobby Roode go, a guy who could have gone to WWE but he wanted to be loyal to the company. Thank God he left. He'll be a big star in NXT. He'll make the main roster a year from now, same with Eric Young."
Hero does make an interesting point. Both Young and Roode have been loyal to TNA for over a decade despite outside interest. Years ago, WWE was rumored to have gone after Bobby Roode and James Storm. They very well could have gone to developmental for a time, but they would have been main roster bound. It is said that various companies wanted them, though. Eric Young was also beloved by many promotions and could have excelled other places.

Eric Young
[Image via TNA Wrestling]Young is now more valuable than ever, as he has proven he can play various characters, both good and bad. This is certainly a big deal to the WWE. On top of that, he works with Animal Planet, and that kind of attachment is certainly good to exploit, and it seems TNA didn't do much with it. Clearly, WWE will find a way to make something out of it. Both men ended up leaving TNA, sadly, marking an end to over a decade of time. It would be dumb for TNA to even owe them a dollar, much less thousands of dollars.

Young made his shocking debut in WWE NXT this past week, as he challenged Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship on his first night. It was rumored he would be signed by WWE soon, but most expected he would sign by this summer. Bobby Roode was backstage at the tapings, as well, but he has yet to sign an official contract. However, it is expected that he will sign a deal very soon. Interestingly, both men are now off Impact Wrestling completely as their last shows aired over a week ago.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]