Granger, Indiana, Tanning Salon Owner Charged With Voyeurism

The owner of the Tiki Tan tanning salon in Granger, Indiana, has been charged with voyeurism with the use of a camera.

Albert Reasonover, 51, was arrested on Thursday afternoon, according to WSBT TV News 22, and sent to the St. Joseph County Jail where he was booked on charges of voyeurism. Formal charges occurred on Saturday and included obstruction of justice in addition to voyeurism. Both charges are considered to be level six felonies.

Indiana Law takes voyeurism charges seriously and has a specific definition regarding voyeurism to ensure it is clear when charges are filed.

“Voyeurism is when a person uses a camera to spy on someone who they expect to be naked without their consent.”

Reasonover was caught in the act of voyeurism by a woman he was spray tanning at his Granger location. The woman was nude during the spray tan session, and her eyes were closed to ensure the tanning chemicals did not get into her eyes. As a precaution, the woman recorded the session on her cellular phone without Reasonover’s knowledge. When she played the video back after the session, she found that he was spray tanning her with one hand and recording her or taking pictures with his cellular phone with his other hand.

The Granger Tiki Tan location was closed on Saturday with a note taped to the door stating that the location was independently owned and not connected with the other local locations.

According to documents retrieved by ABC 57 News, the female client, known by her initials, “M.R.,” was a regular customer and knew Reasonover personally.

“M.R. was a customer of the Tiki Tan and knew Reasonover both from his personal solicitation at her beauty school seeking new customers and her contact with him at the Tiki Tan location on multiple occasions.”

The recording reveals that Reasonover ensured that M.R. kept her eyes closed until he told her it was okay to open them. Then he slipped his phone out of his pocket and started his record of the session. Before allowing her to open her eyes, he slipped the phone back into his pocket.

Police confiscated Reasonover’s phone from him. However, he deleted all messages, images, and recordings of the incident prior to handing it over.

On Facebook, posts regarding the charges of voyeurism, many clients claimed they were often assigned to either room Nos. 2, 3, or 8 by Reasonover when they visited for a tanning session. Many claim he would enter the room prior to the session and adjust something before they tanned. He never revealed what he was adjusting, and they never really thought anything bad of it. As of now, there are no charges against him for recording tanning sessions in the rooms, only during the spray tan sessions for which he was present while the individual being tanned was nude.

One customer stated that she always felt strange when he was there.

“I felt a little strange anyways, because he always put me in room two, and then he would either go to the next room when I was in there or he would go to the back.”

Another customer reported that she was also put in room No. 2 often, and Reasonover acted different when she was alone or with her husband.

“He never stayed up front. I always thought that was a little strange, and then when I didn’t go with my husband, he always put me in room two and always put him in room one. And then one of the girls and her boyfriend worked there and they quit. I asked her: ‘Oh, we haven’t seen you at Tiki Tan,’ and she said, ‘Oh no, the guy was weird. I don’t want to tell you right now why exactly I quit.’ “

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Reasonover is currently being held on $10,000 bond.

[Photo by Dotshock/Shutterstock]