South Bend Special Victims Unit Searching For Man That Brutally Assaulted Girlfriend, Threatened To Kill Her And Her Baby

Members of the South Bend, Indiana, Special Victims Unit are on the search for a man that brutally assaulted his girlfriend and then threatened to kill her baby in their home on Crumstown Highway.

The man, 39-year-old Douglas Eric Wood, was identified as the assailant and is considered to be armed and dangerous, according to WSBT News 22. Despite being armed, some reports claim that he is not dangerous to the general public, but he should not be approached and anyone that sees him should call the police immediately.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening in Wood’s home. The victim, who has remained unnamed by the media, was at home with Woods and her infant when the assault took place. The cause of the assault has not been reported at this time. Wood confined the victim in his home and assaulted her, causing serious injury to her in the process. The extent of her injuries have not been publicly revealed, but it has been determined she received broken bones, bruises, and other unspeakable harm induced upon her. At one point during the assault, Wood threatened to kill the victim and her infant. He also threatened to kill himself after they were dead, according to 95.3 MNC.

According to reports, the infant was not injured, despite being threatened.

At one point, when the assault finally subsided, the victim was able to escape from the house with her infant, call 911, and report the assault with the help of a nearby utility worker. She was taken to the hospital shortly after to be checked over and her wounds treated. The victim claims that Wood stole her car, her cell phone, her purse, and all her money before he left the scene.

Police and the Special Victims Unit in South Bend are still looking for Wood.