May 1, 2016
'Alaskan Bush People' Drops Bombshell: Secret Daughter To Be Introduced?

It seems the Brown family, stars of the wildly popular Alaskan Bush People series, have a secret they've been hiding this entire time. No, it's not that they spent much of their time living outside the state of Alaska. It also has nothing to do with taking Alaskan oil revenue despite not being considered citizens of the state.

In actuality, this is a dramatic twist that nobody saw coming.

Near the end of an exclusive clip shared by People, Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown and his wife, Ami, are seen reminiscing about an unnamed woman.

Says Billy, "30 years. We've heard nothing from her." Ami adds, "I've never forgotten her. She'll always be our daughter." The clip was accompanied by an unidentified woman stepping off a plane.

This brief clip has Alaskan Bush People fans reeling. Who is the woman that the Browns are referring to? Why hasn't this alleged daughter reached out in about three decades? More importantly, are we getting a brand new cast member on Alaskan Bush People this season?

With the hit Discovery Channel series coming back May 6, there's still a few days left before viewers can hope to get an answer to the unsettling mystery. Knowing the art of reality TV drama, fans will be lucky if the "Um, who's 'her' exactly?" question gets answered in the Bush People season premiere. It's possible this tidbit was leaked to keep viewers in suspense for much of the season.

Although it's not like the show would need help on that front.

There's so much dramatic source material for the Browns to pull from for their popular survival/wilderness TV show. For instance, the worsening health of Billy Brown. There's also the sons' at times comical struggle to find proper girlfriends. The most recent familial drama centers on the clan's ongoing dividend scandal. In January, Billy and his son, Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown, signed off on a plea agreement that would see them incarcerated for 30 days while paying thousands of dollars.

It was initially reported by the Alaska Dispatch News that the two men would be jailed. They are instead to be electronically monitored over a 30-day period. Some have wondered if this turn of events was due to the popularity of their TV show.

The Discovery Channel promises that the "dark cloud" that is the Alaskan Bush People' stars' courtroom drama will be introduced this season. What we don't know is if this season will catch viewers up-to-date, ending with an explanation by the Browns about their fraud cause and convictions. It's possible that the events of Season 4 will leave the door open for Season 5 to pick up after the criminal sentence is served out.

Even speculation about the handling of criminal accusations may end up taking a backseat in the face of a new family member being introduced -- and seemingly out of the blue!

Who is this alleged long-lost daughter? The fact that the family hasn't heard from this child in close to 30 years seems to strongly suggest that she may, in fact, be the oldest child -- at least of Billy Brown. As Starpulse pointed out, Ami was just 15-years-old when she married. She was about 18 when she gave birth to her (previously assumed) eldest son, Matthew.

However, the quote suggests that this child has not kept in touch with the Browns throughout the lifespan of the majority of their children together. With Billy Brown being a 26-year-old man at the time he met Ami, it's not outside the realm of possibility that the daughter than Ami accepted in her heart is a child from before their life together.

It's also possible that the little girl was simply raised by relatives, and just never had any interest in the rough and wild lifestyle the Browns were known for.

Some are even speculating that the daughter is merely an actress playing the role of "long lost sibling" for the sake of ratings (Cousin Oliver, anyone?). Whatever the case, this is an unexpected new plot twist for Alaskan Bush People.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People is going to introduce a "secret daughter" this season? Share your theories on the mystery woman below!

[Image via the Discovery Channel]