‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Showrunner David Erickson Promises ‘Tragic’ And ‘Horrible’ Events Are Still Ahead

The second season of Fear the Walking Dead is about to take a tragic turn. While fans were surprised when Victor Strand cut off Alex and Jake’s lifeboat, showrunner David Erickson recently promised that even more shocking events are ahead. What exactly can fans expect to unfold in the next all-new episode? Erickson sat down with Entertainment Weekly and revealed that stress levels are about to reach an all-time high for the characters on the boat. Not only are Travis and Madison questioning Strand’s motive for leaving Alex and Jake behind, but their plans to escape to safety do not go particularly well.

“Next week the tension on the boat is heightened now because of what Strand just did. Madison and Travis are desperately trying to figure out what’s the best play, and just as they’re about to make that decision, they’re interrupted by something tragic, and horrible, and violent,” Erickson revealed. “So there’s going to be a big shift next episode, which is going to redirect everyone’s attention. It’s going to be good.”

Unfortunately, the showrunner did not elaborate on the nature of the tragic event or how it affects the characters. However, according to International Business Times, the episode will reveal Strand’s back story and there is a good chance that Strand is behind whatever tragedy befalls the group. Meanwhile, Design & Trend is reporting that Nick (Frank Dillane) discovered an important trick to staying alive during the last installment. Nick found out that zombies will not try to eat him if he is covered in their blood and guts, a tactic used by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company on The Walking Dead.

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark [Image via AMC]

Although it took Rick and his group a long time to discover this trick, Nick is well ahead of the game. In fact, fans can expect Nick to use it as a tool in the near future, though it might not become something he does all the time. This is especially true considering the infection risk involved with the whole process. “…[I]t’s a tool that I think we’ll see our characters, specifically Nick, use again now that he’s knows that it’s sort of a zombie-free pass,” Erickson explained. “I think the reason that they don’t [use it more] is because it’s not the easiest task to perform. I mean, you got to find an infected. You got to take down the infected. I mean, it’s begging trouble in order to avoid trouble, if that makes sense.” Elsewhere, Fear the Walking Dead might feature a new romance this season. According to Entertainment Weekly, there is a possibility that Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) might get together at some point.

Mercedes Mason as Ofelia [Image via AMC]

“If Ofelia were to hook up with a woman – you know, Alicia might be a little young, and there is sort of more of a sister relationship at this point – but, if she were to hook up with a woman, it would really sort of color season one,” Mason shared. In addition to finding love, Mason added that her character might use romance as a tool for manipulation. If this is true, then there is certainly more to Ofelia than fans first suspected. “But two, it would really color how she dealt with the commander guy who she was luring in. It would really color what she was doing there and what that says about her character,” she stated. “Because then that’s not a crush anymore – it’s a very manipulative concept, which I think is super cool.” The upcoming episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Blood in the Streets,” is set to air May 1 on AMC. Tell us! What “tragic” and “horrible” things do you think will happen on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2? Let us know in the comments and check out the preview for the next all-new episode below.

[Image via AMC]