‘Toddlers And Tiaras’ Star Madisyn “Maddy” Verst Custody Trial Begins Today

Toddlers and Tiaras star Madisyn “Maddy” Verst sparked a public outcry after her appearance on the TLC reality show when she wore a Dolly Parton outfit complete with fake breast and butt pads last year. Maddy Verst’s beauty pageant quest could lead to a loss of custody for Toddlers and Tiaras stage mom Lindsay Jackson.

Madisyn Verst was five-years-old when the controversy over her sexy Dolly Parton outfit and onstage shimmying and shaking began. The how much is too much debate over child beauty pageants is expected to play a major roll in the custody battle between the little beauty queen’s mommy and daddy. Bill Verst is suing Lindsay Jackson for full custody of Maddy. The child custody case begins today in Campbell Country, Kentucky, Fox News notes.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, by way of being a mother, I’m a great mother. Because I participate in pageants with my daughter is not a reason to take my child from me,” Lindsay Jackson stated during an interview with Fox News. “Pageants have never been challenged, they’re not illegal. I’m not doing anything illegal with my kid.”

Maddy Verst custody document excerpts note a court appointed psychologist recommends Bill Verst and Lindsay Jackson enter into a joint custody agreement temporarily with Verst as the primary residential custodian of the Toddlers and Tiaras beauty pageant queen. The Campbell County, Kentucky psychologist condemned at length Maddy Verst’s child beauty pageant participation. The court psychologist specifically referenced photos of Madisyn Verst wearing a “sexy police officer” costume and the Toddlers and Tiaras Dolly Parton routine in her custody recommendation.

Maddy Verst in Dolly Parton Costume

Lindsay Jackson claims an alleged connection between her ex-husband and the judge and psychologist is causing a bias in the custody case. Jackson also alleges that Maddy Verst’s father does not pay child support but was ordered to pay $500 per year towards school expenses and is in arrears. A ruling in the Toddlers and Tiaras prompted child custody case could be issued later today.