May 1, 2016
Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson: Broken Men

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles of One Direction are both making good use of the band hiatus, leaving their comfortable lives for more adventurous vistas.

Louis Tomlinson's attachment to the comforts of his L.A. mansion is obvious -- the hunk chose it for its "luxury and privacy," and has recently won the right to bring baby son Freddie Reign there to stay there with him and girlfriend Danielle Campbell. This follows a rumored custody battle with Louis' ex-fling, Briana Jungwirth, who was reportedly worried that Freddie would be confused by bonding with two different women, according to Perez Hilton.

Louis is evidently a man of routine, being spotted on most L.A. mornings with a coffee cup and a cigarette, and later in the afternoon emerging from his back vehicle to collect Freddie's baby carrier from Briana's house with his assistant Oli. Fans have been treated to images of Louis doing the same thing every day in recent weeks, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

It appears Louis finally cut loose this week. Our first indication was when a Tomlinson friend posted a picture of the hunk flanked by school friends Stan and Oli, as well as some other guys and a gargantuan man who is likely to be a Tomlinson bouncer. The motley crew stood in front of a large vehicle and had the distinct air of a bunch of people headed off on a road trip.

Sure enough, images of Louis hitting a variety of Vegas night spots soon hit social media. Tomlinson kept up his cigarette habit, holding on to one L.A. home comfort in the absence of Freddie, Danielle, and his mansion, but generally he appeared to have a wild weekend, smoking illegally inside venues, posing next to revelers, striking up a friendship with hip producer Diplo, and sparking predictable "Louis is on drugs" rumors when he arrived at a venue launch looking excited and wearing a skull shirt.
At the end of the weekend, Louis admitted that he was totally spent. The hunk appeared on the Louis Tomlinson official Twitter admitting Vegas had achieved what five grueling years working for Simon Cowell could not -- Louis Tomlinson was broken!
Harry Styles is going through some lifestyle shifts, as well. Harry is back at the gym working on his famously fit body.

The hunk got haircut rumors flying when he was photographed wearing a beanie, with not a lock or strand in sight!

#RIPHarrysHair soon started trending, and many One Direction fans reflected that Harry might have cut his hair in preparation for his coming role in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. Harry will live on a boat for a period with other members of the cast, foregoing the modern comforts he is accustomed to and getting into the state of mind of a soldier in war-ravaged 1940s Europe.

It is hoped that the intensity of the experience will leave its mark on Harry's beautiful soul, so that when he emotes for the camera in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk soulful new expressions will animate the contours of his handsome face.

Perhaps something of the merciless sea itself will remain in Harry's eyes: a dark blue whorl will be visible deep within the kind green/blue/gray eyes that fans love so much.

In the next few days we will see if Harry has indeed cut his hair, when new photos emerge. It's great to see that Harry ignored the Daily Mail commenters pleading that he cut his hair, as well as ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner's rumored request that he trim it. Critics and naggers could not break Harry's hair will -- he cut his mop only when his acting career demanded it.

Are you looking forward to seeing Harry Styles in Dunkirk? Will Louis Tomlinson recover from Vegas?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]