Tito Ortiz's New Girlfriend Cyberbullied By Jenna Jameson: Files For Restraining Order And Scared For Her And The Former UFC Champ's Safety?

Former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz and his new girlfriend, Amber Miller, just want to live their lives without fearing that Jenna Jameson won't (virtually) attack them. Tito's ex-girlfriend, Jameson, is making it pretty difficult for Ortiz to move on. It's gotten so out of hand that the couple had to file a restraining order against Jenna for her relentless virtual harassment.

Hollywood Life reported that former Celebrity Big Brother star, Jenna Jameson, has been allegedly attacking Tito Ortiz and his new girlfriend, Amber Miller, on social media. Former UFC fighter Amber claimed that Jenna encouraged her followers (thousands of them) to "go after" her in a "harmless" roasting session on Facebook and Twitter.

TMZ reported that Amber revealed in the court documents that since the cyber attack, she has received many death threats and taunts from Jenna's followers and claims that Jameson threatened her bodily harm. In fact, Miller contends that the threats scared her so badly that she was scared for her and Tito's safety.

Amber claims the abuse started right after she and Tito started dating, and she just wants it to stop. Jenna hasn't revealed the reason for the harassment, but Amber suspected it was related to her two sons with Ortiz.

At one time, Tito and Jenna were a happy couple and had a lovely little family. In 2013, after seven years together, they called it quits. Since the breakup, they have been battling it out in court over the custody of their two children, Fox reported. Recently, Tito won full custody of the kids after he made the claim that Jameson "abandoned" them.

Jameson told Page Six that the report she abandoned her twin boys "was absolutely untrue." During the court proceedings for custody of the children, there were accusations tossed around by both sides.

Jenna claimed that Tito was an angry person and alleged he beat her on multiple occasions. Ortiz fired back and argued that Jameson was an [alleged] drug addict who rarely saw the children. It was a nasty battle that seemed to go on for years. In the end, the judge felt that Tito's home was a more nurturing environment and awarded the former UFC champion full custody.
"That is totally untrue. He has alienated me as a parent, and I am in court proceedings overturning his wrongful judgment."
Whatever Jenna Jameson's reason was for lashing out against Amber, now she will pay the consequence for her alleged behavior. She has to stay 100 yards away from Amber. Jenna cannot contact her through phone calls, text, or social media. Jameson was allegedly warned not to participate in any cyberbullying behaviors because it is a crime.

It's can be hard for the ex-girlfriend to accept a new relationship, especially if that woman has direct contact with her children. Let's face it; Cyberbullying is wrong and should never be an option when dealing with someone you don't like.

If Jenna Jameson was hoping to get the court to overturn her custody case and consider a joint custody agreement, the restraining order could hurt her chances of recovering her children. It seems this newest court battle may become a "problem" for her in the long run.

Do you think Amber Miller had a right to file a restraining order against Jenna Jameson? Voice your opinion about Jenna Jameson in the comments section below and come back later for more UFC news and updates.

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